What Happened to Family? (day 16/30)

Today’s challenge is “something that you miss”, I’m only 28 and to be honest there isn’t really much I miss, but there is just one thing.

When I was a kid our family used to get together all the time and everyone got along with everyone. I remember when there was family reunions and they were always fun, on holidays everyone would get together and it would be a great time.

But, atlas times have changed and now I can’t stand my family. The ones that used to keep this family together have since passed years ago 😦 and I miss them so much. The family is nothing but drama, when everyone does get together for the holidays its a big dick swinging contest. You have to hear who has it worse in life, who has the most pain, and all the backstabbing is ridiculous! I’ve gotten to the point that I HATE going to holiday dinners, it’s just a big mess and I just can’t stand anyone. Cousins used to get along all the time and now I have a few cousins that I can’t stand, but still have a few I can get along with.

It’s like how did this family get so bad? I just wish I knew, but I’ll never know. But I do know my great grandparents must be looking down on us thinking “what the fuck happened to my family?” I think if they were still around this family wouldn’t be the way it is. What makes it tougher on me is that I am VERY opinionated, I will speak my mind and don’t give a rats ass who it offends. So of course my family can’t stand people like that, they rather keep hush about EVERYTHING and be nothing but a bunch of backstabbers.


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