Interesting Facts (day 18/30)

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Okay today’s challenge is quite interesting “post 30 facts about yourself“, this shall be interesting. On a side note, it’s crazy I’m on day 17 already, I didn’t think I would stick with doing this everyday.

  1. I have a brother who is 2 years younger than me, and I have a sister (same dad different mom) who is um 9 months older than me
  2. I have dark brown eyes and long eye lashes, I’ve had people tell me they are jealous lol
  3. I grew up with an alcoholic father, he was mental and physically abusive at times during visitations
  4. I usually put everyone first before myself
  5. I’m pretty quiet, I’ve always been that person who hides in the corner away from everyone (joys of social anxiety)
  6. I see beauty in everyone but myself
  7. I am about 1/4 Native American, 1/2 Canadian & the rest Heinz 47 lol
  8. I thought about dropping out of high school in the 9th grade, but we moved and I liked the school and graduated
  9. I had a miscarriage, I was about 4 weeks along and didn’t know it til I had passed the fetus 😦
  10. I’ve honestly have only dated 2 guys and the 2nd is my fiance whom I’ve been with for almost 9 years!
  11.  I have a tendency to procrastinate until the last minute
  12. Growing up I always felt different from others, and as I got older I’ve realized I am and I am embrace it all the time 🙂
  13. I’ve had a love for video games since I played Nintendo when I was a kid
  14. When I was in 8th grade, some kid was picking on my brother and I grabbed the kid by the throat and had him a few inches off the ground
  15. I’ve NEVER smoked or done drugs
  16. I can only learn by visuals, I can’t read something in a book and learn it
  17. Love camping in a tent
  18. My first concert was when I was 14 and I got in for free cause my mom worked security, the bands that played were “Tesla – Skid Row – Vince Neil – Jackyl”
  19. I am FAR from being girly girl
  20. I prefer living in the country than being in the crazy city
  21. I have zero patience on a daily basis, but when I’m working on something I have patience go figure
  22. Very stubborn
  23. Have been basically shunned by some family members because they can’t handle I speak the truth
  24. Had an endometrial biopsy done because my doctor thought I might have cancer and came back with NO cancer
  25. I have only one child, whom is my everything
  26. My birthday is 11/12
  27. I love winter and spring
  28. I started getting gray hair since I was about 16 years old
  29. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  30. I weigh 354lbs and I am honestly healthy, I’ve had tests done and have shocked my doctors that I am fat and healthy!

Well there you have it, 30 facts about me. Took only 1/2 hour to figure out 30 things lol, it’s really hard to name things when you’re not used to describing stuff about yourself. Do you think you could take on just this one challenge?!


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