My First Love (day 19/30)

Okay interesting one today “Discuss your first love”.

April 17, 2005 is when I got with my first love, I was 17 and met this guy online. He was about 3 years older than me, and he seemed like an amazing guy. Before we officially started dating he came to the house a few times, and when I first seen him in person I should of went with my gut instinct and said “HELL NO RUN AWAY”, but I didn’t.

Things seemed great the first 3 months we were together, then he decided to cheat on me, I should have learned right there to just stay away, but again I didn’t. We were apart for about 2 weeks then got back together. Overall, we were together for only 2 years. But, during that time there were several good times. We were happy a lot, we would go to the movies all the time and just enjoy being around each other, he even went to prom with me.

Some people thought our relationship was good, and some thought it wasn’t, when in reality it wasn’t. I cried A LOT during that 2 years, because he would cheat on me all the time, but stupid me would let him back in my life. I think it was because he was the only guy who showed interest in me. What pissed me off the most was, now I don’t usually judge peoples appearance but this time I had, the women he cheated on me were bigger than I was and ugly, like seriously.

January 2007, I found out that I have had a miscarriage, that’s when the relationship really went downhill. Then in March 2007 we finally split, he had already met someone before hand.

He is now married to that chick he met just before we split, is married and has 2 kids with her. I am now with my fiance of almost 9 years and have 1 child and I can’t be any happier with my life.


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