Celebrity Crushes (day 20/30)

Today is “Post about three celebrity crushes”, I honestly have A LOT of celebrity crushes, but I’ll keep it down to just three of them, which wasn’t easy to pick but here we go 🙂

David Tennant


This man, OH MY GOODNESS! I started crushing on him when I started watching Doctor Who, he played as the 10th doctor. He is a great actor, and the accent, I’m a sucker for a man with a good accent 🙂 He played awesome as Doctor Who, then as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy in Broadchurch and as Kilgrave on Jessica Jones. Which I highly recommend you seeing all three of those. I swear the older he gets the sexier he gets 🙂

Tom Hiddleston


This man…..the crush started when I first seen Thor, he plays as Loki. I don’t know what it is about this man but damn I just crush hard with him. He always looks better with black hair, and is an amazing actor. On a side note, I have an eye doctor who could literally pass as Tom Hiddleston’s twin, same body figure, looks and smile, it’s frigging crazy! It’s hard when you take your child in to have his eyes exam and not want to jump the guy lol

Till Lindemann


He is a big, sexy, German 🙂 He is the lead singer of Rammstein, which I’ve been a fan for years now. His songs are of course all in German but thanks to people on the internet, you get the proper English lyrics. Not much more to say about his man, but DAMN lol

Well there we have it, at least three celebrity crushes. Of course there are many many more, and like some of us, we have an old man crush. I have a few old man crushes but I think the oldest man is….Sam Elliot, that deep voice is what does it lol.

What are at least 3 of your celebrity crushes? I would love to see! Don’t feel shy about it, share away 🙂


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