Dear Wayne (day 23/30)

Today’s challenge “Write a letter to someone, anyone.”



Yes I called you that instead of dad or father, why, because you never acted like one of those growing up and still don’t. I just simply want to know what us kids ever did to you to make you not want us in your life? Did you just simply not want anything to do with us? Were you just afraid to be part of giving life to something? I just wish you would tell us why, but you never will.

Growing up you were barely there for us kids, your first born you wanted nothing to do with her, why? Why did you also not let us know about her? We would have loved to know about our older sister, but that’s okay, we finally got to know each other online and hope to meet someday. I don’t know why you would want nothing to do with her years ago, because she is now a grown, strong ass woman, and is simply amazing! I can’t wait to meet my sister.

While we grew up just me and B (my brother, err our brother lol), you were physically and mentally abusive to us, more mental than anything. I hated having to go to your house every other weekend because it was nothing but whichever woman you were with they would take care of us while your ass drank and would pass out. There was a few times you took us to the bar, we would sit in the back with a soda and you would sit at the bar drinking then drive back to your place. What kind of person does that fucking shit? There was one time you had us and we literally had nothing to eat and barely anything to drink the whole weekend, you didn’t want to be bothered with us and the bitch you were with was only worried about her kid, and feeding it.

Then there was another time you took us camping, first time was with one of your girlfriends and you were drunk the whole time. The second time you took us so you could actually meet up with buddies and drink, me and B took off walking the campground trying to find someone to let us call our mom. Finally we found out your ex girlfriend was camping and she helped us get a hold of our mother to get us, because you were so damn drunk you didn’t even know me and B had taken off. What would have happened if me and B got hurt or someone took us? We were just fucking little kids, like really?!

I’m 28 years old, and you have basically been nothing to me, you have an amazing grandson and I don’t ever want him to meet you in person. I don’t want him to see the real you, he doesn’t deserve to get hurt the way you hurt us three kids growing up. Then all of a sudden after several years you finally decide to get to know your older daughter and then you send all of us including your grandson a Christmas gift? What’s the fucking deal, are you just realizing how bad you fucked up or you actually dying finally? Either way, this father-daughter relationship you were apparently trying to build back up, failed AGAIN. You always say you want to try and build that back up, I agree to it and you just give up. Is it just me you can’t stand anymore? I don’t know if you still talk to our sister or brother but I know damn well you don’t talk to me anymore.

So basically, I can’t wait for your drunken ass to die, sounds harsh but I’m done trying to be nice. I’m tired of getting my heart broke because you say you want to get to know me and your grandson then one week later you literally stop talking. So I’m done, have a great life with all your whores in FL, you got what 3 or more plus your wife? Somethings never change with you.

One of your children who is fed up with you



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