Learned the hard way (day 24/30)

So, today’s challenge is “write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way”. Well, I really haven’t experienced that. No I haven’t grown up or currently living the easy life, or am I just a great person. I’ve had a tough childhood and current life situation is crazy as fuck, I’ve just haven’t had any lessons to learn the hard way. I don’t know why but I just haven’t, even D gave me a look of “what will you do” when I told him today’s challenge lol.

I just look at life like, I don’t care about my family’s drama because that’s exactly what it is and it doesn’t involve me so why bother. I never gotten into trouble because who the fuck am I going to get into trouble with? I basically grew up with no friends due to social anxiety, so I pretty much kept to myself. I also speak my mind on things and it don’t bother me if it as a backlash or not. So yeah, no lessons learned sorry.


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