District Concert


All the way to the right, 3rd row down, 2nd kid in, wearing a blue plaid is T

All the way to the right, 3rd row down, 2nd kid in, wearing a blue plaid is T

March 15, 2015 our son T participated in his 1st concert, well actually 2nd because last year he was part of a musical play so yeah lol. Anyways, kids from grades K-12 were involved in different parts of the play. Up first was the K-3 group, which of course included T, he was so excited about it. He thought it was pretty awesome going into the high school where mommy had graduated, and got to see mommy’s name under the wall of graduates 🙂

Once we got T to his designated spot, myself and D went to the auditorium to try and find a seat, needless to say even showing up early seats were filling quick so we just stood all the way in the back, and boy that was a bad idea. Why? Because the kids weren’t actually on the stage they were on the floor on bleachers, so it was hard to see but we managed to see T.

The K-3 group started coming out and when we seen T, I had all I could do to not cry, I just got emotional because this was something new for him and I was so proud of how hard he worked for this. We could see T looking all over trying to find us, we were waving but apparently he couldn’t see us. Their song began and the kids just did an amazing job! They may have only sung one song, but those kids did awesome! A lot of proud parents that night, including ourselves.

When they were done, we had to immediately meet up and sign T out, he comes running up to us and says “how’d I do?” We told him, he did AWESOME, then he said that he was looking for us, then at the end of their song he finally found us. He just kept going on about how fun it was and kept asking if we liked it, when we LOVED it. We then took him out to dinner for such an awesome job.

He really is a good singer, and if HE wants to keep up with it, we support him 100%, we aren’t like some parents and push stuff like that on our child, we let him decide what he wants to do 🙂

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