Improvements? (day 26/30)

Wow, the challenge is almost done already. Today’s an interesting one “Write about an area in your life you’d like to improve”. 

Of course there are things I would like to improve in my life, who wouldn’t? But, I think all the bullshit I put up with in life is what makes me a stronger person, and it’s just how my life is supposed to be.

But, if I did want to actually improve, it would be my physical health, I am overweight but I am actually healthy, I’ve had several test done to check things and they all come back normal, I’ve surprised me doctors it’s crazy. If I could I would love to lose some weight, hell even 50lbs would be nice, yes I’d still be overweight but it would be nice. However, I have PCOS, and that makes it much harder to lose the weight. I am proud of myself tho, I did manage to lose 15lbs when I last went to the docs, but I still would like to lose at least another 50lbs. I know over time I will eventually get to where I am at, right now I’ll slowly lose the weight, because it is such a struggle with the PCOS. I am currently chubby and healthy, so I can just continue enjoying my crazy life 🙂


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