Updated Sewing Space!

My little sewing space has always been a part of our dinning room, and since I started back up sewing in 2011 my love for it has grown meaning I’ve gotten more and more stuff for it. So it was finally time to get everything properly organized. Our dinning room is like a little over 1/2 filled with sewing related items, the rest is our actual table and arts & crafts shelf. I am actually loving how it is all set up, now if I could just get back into actually sewing again that would be nice. I haven’t sewn since after RetroGameCon, I don’t know why but I just haven’t felt like sewing, I think part of it is because I lost the enjoyment of sewing and it feels like a job because of my Etsy shop. Well, enough of the boohoo nonsense onto pictures of my sewing space 🙂


I used to have a separate table for just my sewing space but it was just taking up space so now my cutting table is also used for my sewing machine. The table also used to be on risers but because of the sewing machine I had to take them off otherwise I couldn’t sew, my legs are too short to reach the peddle lol.


Up close of “Beasty”, this is by far the best sewing machine I’ve ever owned!! It was pricey when it was bought but so worth it. This machine has done lots of quilting and making awesome stuff.


This lovely shelf is new, and it holds ALL my fabric!! No more keeping fabric in several bins. It finally has a nice place to be stored and nothing happen to them. I’m pretty proud of myself I put this together 3/4 by myself and the other 1/4 was help from D.


This shelf serves two purposes, the top three shelves are used for my sewing supplies. The very top has all my sewing patterns and ideas along with other important things, and the shelf with the white drawers is something new. Michael’s was having a huge sale and I got this for only $15 instead of $45, and it’s perfect to store the little things I need for sewing. There are two more shelves not pictured that holds all our board games.


This lazy Susan is an awesome investment! Along with the other white drawers, this too was on sale at Michael’s, originally $45 and I got it for only $15!! Of course next to it is my basket full of our perler bead projects 🙂

Overall, everything is finally in a spot where we can find it all. I’m not a very organized person but I’m glad to have my sewing spot organized. Do you have to share your crafting area with another room in the house like I do? Or do you get to have a crafting room? Someday I am hoping to have a place where I can have a crafting room 🙂

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