Crocheting basics….tutorial included!

Crocheting is an relaxing hobby to pick up on, and if you get really good at it you can make some amazing things and make money off them. But, first you got to get to know the basics, some may say that it’s hard to crochet. Honestly, it is a little bit hard at first to learn, but when you get the hang of it, you’ll be like “really, it’s so easy”!

I’ve decided to start making videos on how to crochet the basics, and maybe sometime in the future showing how to make other things. So far I have made only one video, and I am actually quite happy with how it came out. I just hope the videos over time will help people to learn how to crochet.

Below is my video, it’s only a little over 8 minutes long and shows how to do a slip knot, chaining and single crochet. I hope those interested find this video helpful, I’m hoping to get more videos made and put online. 🙂


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