Temper, temper little one

Story time before bed

Story time before bed

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately, but that’s the joys of life right?! T has had a wicked temper for quite a while and it was starting to get out of control. It was to the point no matter what we would say, he would yell at us for no reason at all, and then throw his hands in the air and say “fine, I don’t care”, “fine just throw my stuff out” and bunch of other things and we would simply ask him to eat his dinner or if we had to go somewhere I would get that attitude. Now, D is home 24/7 for a while so now he got to see what I was dealing with everyday and now understood why I was always stressed. Due to T’s bad attitude it would get me stressed and D at the time couldn’t fully understand why and then it would cause us to start arguing. With D being home, T’s attitude has improved a lot, and it’s only been a week of D being home 24/7. We still get a bit of an attitude but we are able to quickly get it under control, it’s nice having both of us here to manage these outbursts.

We’ve also started reading a story every night to T before bed. We are reading Magic Tree House books, if T has been good all day we will sit and read a whole book (which is 10 chapters like 70ish pages), if he’s had an attitude we will only read half of it and the rest the next day. He has really been enjoying these books, they are really awesome stories and I would recommend them to anyone with kids.

I’m just hoping T’s attitude continues to improve, and when it’s back to me and him during the day, his attitude won’t change for the worse and we won’t go back to how he was. I’ve been noticing we’ve been having a lot more good days with T than bad like we’ve been dealing with before.

On the good note! T’s 3rd quarter report card came in, and he is doing amazing job in school. He has improved with a lot of his work, and his math he went up from a 76 to an 84! That’s actually really good for a 1st grader and has to work with common core. Part of me would still love to home school him but he’s been doing really good in public school, so he’ll probably stay in school until he graduates.

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