Love Days Like This




The day started out iffy but as soon as T came home from school the day just seemed to get so much better. Normally, when T gets home he does his homework but today he asked if he could play outside. We gave in and let him, it was just so nice out we couldn’t say no. T was still in his school clothes when he started playing then complained he was getting warm, I told him to put on shorts and he kept saying it wouldn’t cool him down but guess who was right…! Oh the joys of being a parent, the child always thinks he is right. T was having a blast running around the house and playing with his trucks, he even helped D with the garden 🙂

I mentioned to D that our garden needed to be cleaned up so our roses could grow back. Next thing I know he’s in the garden cleaning out all the weeds. I’m so lucky to have an awesome man do that for me. I told him I love having the garden but not a fan of pulling out all the weeds lol 🙂


It was just nice being outside enjoying the warm weather and not having to worry about the people that live near us. We don’t get many days like that anymore cause our new neighbors are just nosy and loud, so we usually stay inside, but not today 🙂 and I’m hoping we are able to do it again tomorrow. T even tried pink lemonade for the first time and said he loves it 🙂

Now as I’m typing this, T has done his homework, showered, dinner in his belly all with NO arguing and watching the new Spongebob Squarepants. I’m not sure how we managed this afternoon with no arguing but, we need more days like this 🙂


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