Day out with Thomas 2016


This post is a tad bit late but at least I’m finally getting around to it right? Every year Thomas the train comes to our town, they have tents set up with activities for the children and you have the option to buy tickets to ride the train, otherwise the whole event is free to everyone. We’ve been taking T to the event since he was about 10 months old, he’s loved Thomas the train since that little. It’s always fun going there and seeing T’s face just light up when he sees all the awesome things.

The event is usually always the same every year, and that’s alright because it’s always a good time. They have tattoos and face painting, then a spot with motorized trains for play, Legos to play with, rice table with toys, wooden trains to play with, coloring station, a bouncy house and a maze. T’s favorite is the motorized train play and running thru the maze. He’ll run thru the maze the right way, then back track go thru it again, he’s such a goof. Where we live there is a train museum, and you get to go into it with your train ticket or pay just a small amount to go in. The museum is AMAZING! There is a ton of old train items throughout the entire thing, and then the main focus is the biggest model-train layout. T flips out every time he gets to go into the museum, he loves seeing all the train model set ups.

In 2013 we decided to actually ride the train for the first time, now tickets are $21 per person, so it’s not cheap to some people especially us, but it’s worth it. The ride all together is about 25 mins, some have complained about it, but we haven’t because it’s worth the money for a short ride, because it’s about the experience T is having and just seeing his face light up every time he goes on the train. But, we’ve gotten smart about buying tickets, at tax time we get our tickets so we have them months in advance, yes sometimes they have sales closer to the event for the tickets but I’d rather already have them in advance 🙂

Overall, the event is a fun time, at first it was annoying to me but it has grown on me because c’mon my son is obsessed with Thomas the train. It’s always a good time when we go, and seeing T’s face light up every year with the event is worth it.


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