Kicking my ass (day 27/30)

I started this “30 Day Writing Challenge” back in February 2016, and well this days challenge I just couldn’t think of anything to write so I actually forgot about it and just recently remembered and guess I need to finish it.

Day 27: “Conversely, write about something that’s kicking ass right now”

To be honest, life is kicking my ass right now 😦 the past month has been a crazy month for us. If it isn’t one thing it’s another, and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. My fiance lost his job back in April because his contract had run out, so he’s been looking for work since and haven’t been having luck.

With that going on our son has had a wicked temper lately. Not sure what’s causing it but I wish it would go away. It’s like we get him under control and the attitude gone and then all of a sudden BAM he’s back at it again. It’s just so damn frustrating when he acts up, because his temper is super wicked. At time’s he’ll get so pissed off he’ll jump and stomped down on the floors and our floors are already crappy he has literally put holes in some spots. We have carpeted floors but you can feel where there is a piece of board missing 😦 thankfully our landlord hasn’t said anything about it, but what doesn’t help is the floors suck anyway but that complaining is for another time. I just wish I knew what is causing all of T’s issues, there are days where I sit and blame myself.

My Etsy shop KreativeMumma, has also haven’t been doing to well, I get some views a day but the sales just ain’t coming 😦 I try to work on things for the shop but funds are so tight right now I’m limited to what I can make.

I’m just hoping soon we will see some better days, I’m not sure how much I can take before I completely lose it. I’m tired of all the stress this has been causing, it wears down a lot on a person 😦 so please say a prayer and fingers crossed for us that D is able to find a job and things start improving for us ❤


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