Happy Father’s Day!!!


Some pictures of T & D thru the years.

Happy father’s day to all those who are dads and have to play the dad role, this day is celebrated for the ones who actually are a part of their child(rens) life. I hope you have a wonderful day. If it’s hot out like it is here, please be safe in the heat!

What D got from us

What D got from us

Even tho today is father’s day, D insisted on making breakfast for us all. It was some yummy food too lol. Then T gave him his few items he picked out for D, it wasn’t much but it’s the thought that matters. Because, it’s not easy getting something for someone who has everything already. Then we just spent the afternoon relaxing, cleaned up from our indoor camp out, of course T had to have a bit of an attitude earlier but we’ve finally got over that. Then D wanted to cook on the grill so he grilled up some burgers and hots, so a pretty good day overall. T is lucky to have such an awesome daddy like he does, and T is so much like him it’s crazy!!!

I hope everyone had an awesome day!! Again Happy Father’s Day to all those who are dads and play the role of dad 🙂


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