Family picnic/camp out!


My uncle tries every year to have a family picnic up at his property for the 4th of July. Last year it didn’t happen due to the property was really muddy because it had rained so much. This picnic is when some of the family can get together and enjoy their time and watch fireworks my uncle puts off.

My grandparents have a camper up there, and this year they were going up early & T wanted to go up to the property early, so he had to ask his great uncle and he said yes. T was beyond excited that he was going camping, this time without mommy or daddy with him. He went up Saturday and was good and had no problem without us, then we went up Sunday for the picnic and camped overnight.

My greatest aunt (left) & my grams (right). My greatest aunt looks good for having stage 4 cance

My greatest aunt (left) & my grams (right). My greatest aunt looks good for having stage 4 cancer

Sunday was a good time, of course there was some people there that I absolutely can’t stand, and was very hard for me not to say anything, but I was good and kept my cool. My greatest aunt came up, now the picnic get together is mainly so she can come up and see everyone, it’s the only time we get to see her. She has stage 4 cancer, but she looks good and is staying strong 🙂 It was good being able to see her, it had been 2 years since we last seen her. T of course was being good playing with the kids and was happy he got to finally go swimming.

Once it got dark enough my uncle set off 2 Japanese lanterns, 1 for my great aunt’s cancer to keep her going strong and 2nd for my cousin (great aunts daughter) for luck due to health issues, it was an amazing moment and they cried. Then it was fireworks time, my uncle always gets a ton of fireworks to set off. It was fun seeing them, except a few for some reason was mis-firing and would go down and blow up on the ground, so basically we had a few ground fireworks that were meant for the sky, but thankfully no one got hurt. My uncle was so pissed that the fireworks were doing that and some just didn’t want to go off. For some reason this year he went somewhere else for fireworks and not the normal place, he said he’ll never do that again and go back to where he normally goes.

Overall, everyone had a great time and fun 4th of July. Now it’s time to get back to normal life, whatever that means lol. I hope you all had a wonderful & safe 4th of July.


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