This morning from our front porch

This morning from our front porch

Along with others in the United States, we’ve haven’t been getting much rain this year. We started in a moderate drought & now we are in a severe drought. We would get rain but it would only be a light drizzle then get hot so it was like it never rained. Literally 1 week ago today we got some heavy rain but it didn’t last long and then it got super hot out. Today I woke up to rain, we also got a little thunder & lightening. It’s still raining a little bit as I type which is a good thing. I would be happy if it rained for like an entire week, I know the farmers around us really need it as well.


This weeks weather isn’t look good either, calls of temps in the 80s and I bet the humidity will be up making it feel hotter. We have chance of more rain this weekend but I’m hoping Saturday it doesn’t because we have plans for T’s birthday. I can’t wait til Fall, because it’s a bit cooler, the smell of pumpkins and just overall love it!

How has the weather been where you are?! Today we have rain and as of 12:10pm it’s 73 F, sadly we have a chance of it getting warmer today.

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