Salt City Comic-Con 2017

As some of you know my shop KreativeMumma has had a table in artist alley the last two years for RetroGameCon, well this year I decided I wanted to be part of another convention, well I should say attend 2 conventions this year. A fellow artist which we’ve been getting to know more, suggested I see about getting a table at a convention called Salt City Comic-Con, so I did and got accepted. As usual I waited til the last minute to get stuff completed but got it done and on June 23, 2017 we loaded up the car and off to Syracuse we go.

It’s awesome seeing my shops name on here (I put the stars there after screenshot lol)

We got to Syracuse with a little bit of time to find our booth that night and set up early. Our table location actually got switched than what was planned. A lot of people got moved around because they had too many vendors and not enough space.

My tables all set up!!

Saturday June 24, 2017 was day one of Salt City Comic-Con (SCCC) we thought we were going to have a decent spot because we were located by bathrooms and not too far from the food vendor so there was a lot of people walking by, well that’s what we hoped. There was a decent amount of people walking thru the hall we were in but they kept going in the opposite direction than where we were. We did sell some things on the first day but not very much.

Sunday June 25, 2017 was day two (last day) of SCCC and it was no better than the first day. At times there was hardly anyone walking thru the hall we were located. I did a lot of walking around checking out other vendors while D stayed at our table. In the main area there was still a lot of people and I seen a lot of vendors making sales yet not many people would come to the hall we were located along with other vendors in the hall.

It got to the time that the con was over and everyone was packing up, I was literally in tears while packing stuff because I couldn’t believe how badly I had done. I only made enough money to cover my vendor fee which was $180, that doesn’t include the money we spent on a hotel for the weekend, gas in the vehicle, money spent on supplies, etc. But, after thinking about it I realized yeah I didn’t make much money, I still got my business name out there and was able to sell a few things. I also learned between RetroGameCon last year and then SCCC that people can be cheap and don’t want to spend a lot of money on handmade items but will on other things.

Even tho we had a so so time, my favorite part was seeing the cosplay. I just love seeing all the different types of cosplay and seeing how much time people have put into what they love to do. My favorite cosplayer was there and of course I was too shy to say hi, but she’s going to be at RetroGameCon 2017 and I can’t wait to see what she cosplays and I’m hoping to not be so shy/nervous lol.

My favorite cosplayer…Inner Havoc Cosplay, she’s the one as Chris from Yuri on Ice ❤

Overall, SCCC was pretty decent, did I make a lot of money? No. did I have a good time? Hell yeah I did! Will I do it again if possible? Hell yeah I will. Like I said I may not make a lot of money but I’m having a good time and getting my name out there, that’s all that matters.


Last Day of School

Hard to believe that my son has finished 2nd grade and will be going into 3rd grade next school year. This school year has been a crazy one for us. T’s teacher, boy I couldn’t stand her ass, she kept taking stuff away from T even tho he didn’t do anything, always complaining about him, etc. Of course we couldn’t move him into a different class because our school is already packed since they closed the other elementary school a few years ago, so classrooms are at their max.

Then we dealt with T being bullied in his classroom & on the bus. The bus driver would keep moving his seat & didn’t help with the issues. Then one day he came home & told us about a kid threatening to fight him & that was it, we went right up to the school, made the principal leave a meeting to talk to us. We told her what happened & what has been going on with the classroom & the bus. Needless to say things got better real quick, she talked to his teacher & looked at the camera footage from the bus & got everything taken care of. She also told T to don’t be afraid to go see her if something happens. Apparently he was afraid to get into trouble for going to the principal what’s happening.

Besides from having a few problems, T did really good in school. We are super proud of him & excited that he is moving onto the 3rd grade.

Now T is enjoying summer vacation then in July he starts his summer enrichment program the school is having. Its a 4 week program each week is something different then on that Friday the kids go on a field trip that is related to what they learned that week. This is something new the school is doing and was limited to a certain amount of students & the best part is that it’s a free program!!!

10 Year Anniversary!

Hard to believe today marks 10 years since I met the man that means the world to me. We met online, started chatting and the rest is history. I think the only thing I would change is meeting D sooner than I did. We’ve had many ups & downs the past 10 years but we’ve worked thru them together & that is what makes our relationship so strong, we’re there for each other when needed. I’m lucky to have such an amazing guy in my life, he’s also an amazing father to our son. I couldn’t picture life any different, nor would I want anyone else.

Are we doing anything special for our 10 year anniversary?! Of course not, we’ve never done anything for our anniversary so why change now lol. Today is not only our anniversary but Father’s Day happens to be the same day as well. So we’re kinda celebrating that more than our anniversary but that’s fine with us, yeah we’re weird like that.

We’ve never been a normal couple & never will be, one of the many reasons why I love D and love our life. Happy Anniversary to the amazing guy that’s put up with my craziness & always will ❤