10 Year Anniversary!

Hard to believe today marks 10 years since I met the man that means the world to me. We met online, started chatting and the rest is history. I think the only thing I would change is meeting D sooner than I did. We’ve had many ups & downs the past 10 years but we’ve worked thru them together & that is what makes our relationship so strong, we’re there for each other when needed. I’m lucky to have such an amazing guy in my life, he’s also an amazing father to our son. I couldn’t picture life any different, nor would I want anyone else.

Are we doing anything special for our 10 year anniversary?! Of course not, we’ve never done anything for our anniversary so why change now lol. Today is not only our anniversary but Father’s Day happens to be the same day as well. So we’re kinda celebrating that more than our anniversary but that’s fine with us, yeah we’re weird like that.

We’ve never been a normal couple & never will be, one of the many reasons why I love D and love our life. Happy Anniversary to the amazing guy that’s put up with my craziness & always will ❤

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