Mom…The blogger

First of all WELCOME!

This blog is just a place for a SAHM to go and vent and just have random discussions. My post could be about anything from sewing to my son going on the potty. Hope some of the stuff I post people enjoy. I love to try and share some of the fun/interesting things that go on in this crazy place I love to call my life!!!

Who am I?


Well I am your typical stay-at-home mother. I love every minute with staying at home with my son. I am a daughter, sister, granddaughter, fiance, mother, best friend, booboo kisser, toy fixer, cook, sew, listener and many many more. We finally moved from an apartment to a house still in the same village, my mother lives with us cause it makes everything easier. We live in a small historical village and usually keep to ourselves.

Pumpkin patch fun!

Pumpkin patch fun!

Well that’s bout all need to know bout me. If you want to know who D & T are click on the pages above to see who they are. Oh we also have a cat named Bruiser. We adopted him when he was about 3 months old back in 08′. He is a big lovable cat who is very protective of T. We swear he is part lion or something he is huge and don’t eat that much! But we love him!!!



We now have 2 cats that are part of our lives, we have Bruiser and we adopted another kitten back in January 2013. Me, T & my mother went to Petco one day and T wanted to go over and see the kitties. Well this kitten named Chip just took a liking to T and my son just took a liking to the kitten. So we decided to adopt Chip and bring him home with us, Chip was so tiny and so shy when we first brought him home. They are both male cats and man they eat a ton of food, but we have gotten to where they are getting used to eating so much in a day. Chip is VERY protective of T, every night we see Chip in T’s room just being there making sure he is okay. Chip is a hell raiser for a kitten but like I said he is very protective of T and its just so cute seeing these two together. I have my days where I think of getting rid of the kitten cause he gets out of control but its like you can’t get rid of one of your kids. So now I have 4 boys in my life that mean everything to me and that is D (my fiance), T (my son) and our cats Bruiser and Chip.

Here is Chip our newest addition since January 2013

Here is Chip our newest addition since January 2013


8 thoughts on “Mom…The blogger

  1. Hi there! I’m a follower of your blog, as I too am a SAHM… so I was wondering if you’d like to join my new SAHbbatical blog-hop for Stay-At-Home parents?

    I have you listed on my blogroll but with that list growing & taking up a lot of real estate on my blog, I plan on removing the blogroll altogether… Before I do, I wanted to give those on my blogroll the opportunity to be showcased in my SAHbbatical blog-hop instead. I think it has the potential to become a great method of encouraging guests to mingle amongst particular blogs.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with a fellow SAHM like myself; hope to see you again soon!


  2. Hello, I am a SAHM too and I just started following your blog and I just got mentioned for the Liebster Blog Award and I wanted to include you in my 5 mentions. Please see my blog for my information about it.
    Looking forward to following your blog.


    • Hi and welcome! I am sorry for getting back to you so late. I love being able to find/come across fellow SAHM. I hope you enjoy the stuff I post, I post stuff dealing with family, sewing or just when us mom’s need to vent.

      Again welcome and hope you enjoy the blog!


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