Baby Shower Gifts


My cousin is pregnant with her first child and it’s going to be a little boy. The theme for the baby is Batman so of course I decided to make items for her instead of store bought. I made her a plaque with the first letter for her son, then made a crochet Batman lovey blanket, then made a Batman themed quilt which my grams paid for all the materials but then decided to put everyone’s name on it. My mom also ordered from me some burp rags and some wee wee tee pees (which I didn’t get a picture before wrapping them).

When my cousin finally got to mine (yeah she had A LOT of gifts) I made sure I was there to see her reaction. She opened the plaque first and started tearing up over it, then she opened the lovey blanket and got more teary eyed. Once she got to the baby quilt she was really holding back the tears. She came to me and gave me a big hug, which is funny because I’m 5’5 and she’s a few inches shorter than me, and said thank you and could hear she wanted to cry over the things. She said they were beautiful and that she loved them, it made my day to hear she loved the items I made. When she got the wee wee tee pees, the reaction was priceless, she didn’t know what they were. Once she was told she thought it was awesome and everyone was laughing and thought it was such a cute thing.

I’m just glad I was able to make her some awesome things for her first born, I always prefer handmade items over store bought (except clothes lol I can’t make those).


Quilts of 2014

Now I didn’t get to making many quilts this year as for I was too busy spending time with family and trying to make stuff for my shop, in hopes people would buy. I’m thinking in the new year of making more quilts, its what I love to make the most!!


These two mini quilts I had made up for my shop, but unfortunately haven’t sold  yet. The mini Christmas quilt is my favorite because I just love the Christmas fabrics, it measures only 24×27. The mini Tetris is something I came up with, I’ve made a full-size Tetris blanket, but this time I just wanted to make a mini one and it measures 24×24.



This quilt was actually a custom order from a friend of ours. The lady asked if I could make a Eeyore quilt for her mother, and of course I said I would. It was a pretty simple quilt to put together, I think the hardest part was free motion quilting the whole thing. I have been told our friends mother loves the quilt!


This quilt, I had come up with the design, I had purchased a mini charm pack a while ago and had no idea what I was going to do with it. After some thinking I came up with this quilt pattern. I absolutely LOVED this quilt, but I knew I have enough quilts so it was listed in my shop and after a few months it was sold. I was a little sad to see it go, but I know its keeping another child nice and warm.


This quilt, I too came up with the design. I love anything pixel or 8-bit, and thought the heart versions was always awesome. I went with the rainbow theme because it can be neutral gender and it also represents equality, which I support 100%. I had this listed in the shop for made to order, and well never had any sales, so I took it off the shop, but I still have this for myself and love using it as a nice lap blanket or when camping, to keep warm.


I previously made my first 8-bit Mario quilt a few years ago, and decided to put the quilt in my shop but as made to order, finally after almost a year someone bought it! So I went and made this quilt, and to be honest I love this quilt more than the original. This quilt is also free motion quilted all over and took me little over a week to complete it. I do hope the customer loves the quilt, I haven’t heard from them and they never left a review.


This was a custom order from our friend, she wanted it for her son’s birthday. This quilt is pretty awesome, but was too much in a pain! My thread kept snapping while I was free motion quilting it, then the shadow figure was supposed to be bigger but didn’t print out right so I was able to make it look nice with the figures name next to it. This figures name is Udyr from a game called League of Legends, our friend also ordered 4 pillows with each a design on them, which were too a pain, but in the end, I made a kids birthday nice and that’s all that matters. Our friend loves the stuff and so does her son!


Lastly! This quilt was pretty simple, I’ve had this panel for over a year, and finally decided to make it into a quilt for T, I made it in time for Christmas. Just a quick free motion quilting and binding, he was excited to see this quilt!


Overall some nice quilts I have made over the year and I am glad to have made them all! I am already got new quilt ideas in mind for the new year and can’t wait to make them!!

Ugh…sewing issues


I began sewing again a few years ago, I actually enjoyed sewing, I loved creating new things. Now, I am growing tired of sewing, I am just basically bored with it, and I just can’t believe it. I think it might be due to having my Etsy shop up and running, I am trying to make things people will like and list them in the shop and have no luck, so I have a lot of stuff sitting in bins waiting to be sold. I currently have an order my grams put in months ago, but she said no big rush (thank you!), then a friend of ours ordered a blanket and pillows, then tonight I just received another order for a pillow and I am just bleh about sewing anything and our friends order I need to get finished cause it has to get to her by the 20th of December. I just wish I knew what happened to my happiness about sewing. Maybe I should put the shop in vacation mode for a while and give it a break, or I just don’t know. I am just tired of disappointed with my shop, maybe I’ll get rid of the made to order items for a bit and just try to sell the ready to ship items.

Do you have a shop and ever lose interest in what you used to love doing? What did you do to re-gain your love for what you make.

Star Wars costume

Our local public library was holding a comic con and we decided we would take T to it, because he LOVES Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Star Wars, etc. Well about a week before the event, we decided T should wear a costume, T was okay with it and wanted a Star  Wars costume. Well I had to use what I had at home to make his costume, we went with a sith lord costume, it was pretty easy to put together. I made the whole thing out of 1 king size black sheet, I’ve had the sheet but never used it go figure. T was so excited about going to the comic con and going dressed up, but when we got there, he turned into another child I swear. He was a complete brat!! I couldn’t believe he was acting that way, it was ridiculous, I had spent time working on his costume just for him to show his ass like he did. We ended up leaving early due to his attitude, I got really bummed when our local paper was there and took a group photo of all the kids, sadly T was being a brat and didn’t wanna get his picture taken. Overall, the costume came out pretty awesome, but the event was a waste due to T’s nice attitude he had. Below is the photos of T in his costume and the link to the post the paper did up online.

Don’t you just hate when you get prepared to do something fun and then your child just decides to ruin it with their attitude?! Drives me nuts!

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Star of Chaos Quilt

A few months back a friend asked about ordering a quilt from me, the quilt design she requested was something dealing with Warhammer. Now I have no frigging idea what it is, I’ve seen pictures of her bf playing but I will never understand it lol. Needless to say coming up with a pattern wasn’t easy, with everything both of us had going on I think we both kinda forgot about the project, but beginning of December it was brought up in convo and a pattern was finally established. My other half found a design online called “Star of Chaos” showed it to our friend (S) and she loved it, I figured that it would be easy but boy was I proven wrong.

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Above is the picture of the finished quilt, I am very happy with the way it had come out. I had to enlarge the star that was decided for the design and once enlarged got it printed off and then had the fun of cutting everything out and taping it all together. After I had the star cut out of paper I had my design and had to trace that onto the red fabric and cut that out. At this point figured “oh this is going to be really frigging easy to put together”, but omg was I wrong. Something was going on with everything and my machine just kept screwing up and I couldn’t get the star to stay in place. So last minute I ran to the store to get more red fabric, I felt so bad cause it wasn’t the same red as the first one and got some Heat and Bond, was my first time using this type normally I use Wonder Under, but man it works so much nicer. I laid out the new red fabric, ironed on the heat and bond and then traced and cut out the star once again. Then once I had the backing pieced and the borders added on the top I went and free motioned the entire quilt. Once quilted I took the new star and ironed it onto the quilt top, it looked so much better then the first one and when I went to sew it in place it worked like a dream!! I sewed close to the edges so when it was washed it would fray a little and give that raggedy look just like the picture we found online.

Overall I loved how this custom order quilt came together, it took from December 7th til early early December 16th, so not bad timing for making a quilt after being free motioned and having issues with it. The quilt was for her bf for Christmas, and she received it on December 19th and she couldn’t wait til Christmas for him to open it but she did. From what I have been told and the picture I seen he was very excited and loves the quilt. This quilt took me way out of my element cause I haven’t done much free motioned and working with the star was completely different then I am used to. But, I worked through my worries and got it finished, so glad it came out great and our friends are happy with it!!

Almost 2 year quilt…

Tag I did up showing how long it took, also can see the pattern of the backing.

Tag I did up showing how long it took, also can see the pattern of the backing.

Crafty Gemini hosted her first video quilt along HERE back in November 2011, well I joined in December 2011 cause you could join whenever you wanted. Each week she would do a video that showed how to make a different type of block. There is a total of 12 blocks and some were pretty easy and some well to be where a pain, but it was all part of the learning process. After finally getting all 12 blocks made, they sat for a while before I came up with what I was going to use for sashing. Once I figured out the sashing boy that was when the fun really began, figuring out how exactly I wanted all my squares laid out, but I had help from D and got it figured out pretty quick. Once the quilt top was finished it got put off to the side, got busy with other projects and just life/motherhood in general was more important. Then we moved from the apartment into a house and I found the top and figured someday I will get it done. I already had the backing, since Joann’s had a great deal one time and took advantage of it.

Front of quilt!

Front of quilt!

Well Monday night I decided it was time to work on a quilt that has been sitting for a while. I spent 3 hours that night working on quilting, I did the stitch in the ditch method for the whole quilt. Then Tuesday night I spent about 2.5 hours got the rest of the quilting done and did the binding, I was super excited once I got it finished! I just couldn’t believe I got the quilt done and how cute it looks all finished. I don’t know why I took so long to get the quilt finished, but its finally done and that’s all that matters.

Mug Rugs!!

First off some of you may be asking what is a mug rug? A mug rug is bigger then a coaster but smaller than a place mat. Its the perfect size for holding a coffee, tea or whatever your drinking plus a little snack on the side. You also get to design it whatever way you want and the size is always different.

Quilting Gallery hosted a “Fall-inspired mug rug swap” and I was lucky enough to be able to sign up for it. By the time I found out I had less then 24 hours to get signed up for it, so glad I did get to this time! I was partnered up with a lady who lives in Colorado and is a wonderful lady. At first I was nervous about making these rugs cause I wanted them to be perfect but after being reminded its just for fun everyone was partnered up with their sewing skills so I knew my rugs would be just fine. It took me over a week to figure out patterns cause this swap we have to make 2 rugs and send them to our partner. My first idea was a major flop and I didn’t like how it came out so back to the drawing board, after searching Google I came up with two patterns, the one I had to purchase but it was worth it such a cute pattern.

All the items I sent to my swap partner!

All the items I sent to my swap partner!

I wanted to add a few things along with the rugs so I did some thinking and came up with some stuff. I went thru some of my fabric and cut up some 5 inch squares and make a big charm pack for my partner, the fabrics included: Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring and some random fabrics. I also made her a cute washer necklace, a package of piping and a post card from my town. I sent the package out last Friday and she should receive her rugs today too just like I have today.

All the goodies in the little bag!

All the goodies in the little bag!

I received my two mug rugs from my partner today and I just frigging love them!! They are super cute and can’t wait to use the, maybe one at the sewing desk and another in the living room?! She also made 2 small charm packs, one fall colors and the other Christmas theme, I thought that was really nice of her. I still can’t get over how cute the rugs are, T came home from school and tried stealing the pumpkin mug rug, when I said no its mommy’s he got bummed out, so I think I am going to be letting him use it instead since he loves it so much. My partner included a note and also mentioned maybe sometime we can do another swap like a fabric swap or something just the two of us, I thought that was pretty cool and I will def keep that in mind.

Mug rugs and charms I received!!!

Mug rugs and charms I received!!!

This swap was definitely fun and I am so thankful to have been pared up with an awesome lady like my partner. It was fun coming up with fall-inspired ideas, I normally work with Christmas and random other stuff but not actual Fall. It was an overall wonderful experience and I can’t wait for the next swap, I think I am getting hooked with with these swaps they are just so much fun to do and you get to know new people.