Back to School!

Hard to believe Trent is 9 years old and starting the 4th grade!! Plus, he’s starting in the middle school this year. Hard to believe he’s going into middle school, seems like yesterday he was starting kindergarten, where has the time gone?!

With starting in the middle school he has to now take band, so they suggested he take clarinet cause that is what best suits him. He took summer lessons and did really good with them, we are beyond proud of him!



Back to School!


Hard to believe he is starting 3rd grade!! Next year he’ll be going up to the middle school, I’m not ready for that. My baby boy is growing up way too fast, man he needs to slow down.

How was your child’s first day of school?!

Back to School!!!


That’s right it’s every parents favorite time of year, when the kiddos go back to school!! September 7, 2016 was T’s first day of school. He was excited and nervous that morning, he goes “my tummy hurts” I said do you feel a little uncomfortable about going to school? He says “yes”, I said hunny that’s cause you’re nervous about starting school, you’ll be okay 🙂


This year T started 2nd grade, so that means he’ll be up on the 2nd floor of the school, so I can’t blame him for being nervous. When he got home from school, he just kept going on and on about his first day. He was saying his teacher was funny and that he got to see all his friends from 1st grade when they went out to play. He was really excited because he got to see his girlfriend and had to tell me how she has a Pikachu backpack and she liked his Pokemon backpack.

I can’t believe my baby boy is in the 2nd grade already! Time sure does fly when you have a child, I can only imagine what it’s like with multiple children. I’m just glad he has a good teacher and had a wonderful first day of school 🙂

My 1st grader!


This post is well over due, but hey family time always comes first 🙂 My little man started 1st grade on September 9, 2015, I am still in shock that my little man is old enough for the first grade. It’s like what happened to that little baby boy, it seems like yesterday I was seeing him for the first time, while half conscious from being under anesthesia. This year we were going to homeschool T, but he really wanted to go back to public school, so we let him, we didn’t want to do something he wasn’t going to be happy with. 

So far it’s been 9 days since he has started school and have had no issues (yet). Last year we had problems with him being bullied, and hoping we don’t have that this year. Seems like everyone gets along in class and on the bus it’s gotten a lot better. We’ve made it thru our first spelling test and he got a 100% on it, which he was excited about and already had picture day, now they are celebrating homecoming week already. 

Let’s hope the rest of the school year continues to go as smooth as it is already, but things happen so you never know lol. How has your child(ren) been liking school this year?