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Watching Christmas MoviesΒ 

So we are currently watching The Polar Express & T is sitting on the couch glued to the movie while wearing his Finn the Human hat. I just giggled because it’s just too funny. This is one of the many reasons why I love my son, especially when he does silly things like this . 
Does your little ones or did your children do this? Having to wear certain things while watching a movie at home? 

Random Discussions

Bye Bye Cast!!!

So back in September T had fallen at school and broken his arm, boy that’s an experience I do not want to re-live again. Always making sure the arm was covered when he showered, the smell that would come from the cast & how much it hurt when you’d get hit by it. But, of course we’d do it all over again if we had to, but let’s hope we don’t lol.

On November 2, 2016 was an exciting day for T. It was the day his cast was finally coming off, he had it on for about 5 weeks and his bones healed up great!! I personally have never seen a cast be taken off & obviously neither has T, so when it came to time it was pretty awesome. The doctor showed that it wouldn’t hurt, he turned on the machine & put the blade on his hand & showed it didn’t cut, so T was okay with it. It took maybe 2 mins to get the cast to come off. T got all excited that it was off, but said it felt weird & light, mainly because he didn’t have the heavy cast on anymore. Some how he managed to get a corn kernel in his cast, because when the cast came off there was a piece of corn, doctor got a good laugh out of it.

It took about 1-2 days for T to get re-adjusted to not having his cast on, but once he got better he was back to his normal dare devil self. We asked T if he learned his lesson & if he’s planning on doing it again & he said he won’t be doing it ever again because he don’t want another cast.

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Broken arm

It was Friday 09.30.2016, myself & D were relaxing and getting ready to eat lunch when I got the phone call. I recognized the number it was the school, I looked at D and said “now what?”. It was the school nurse, she said that the kids were out at recess and T was up on the slide and fell off the side & the kids were saying it was about 4 feet. T is crying and saying his arm hurts, you need to come get him & get him checked out. My heart sank because I knew, if he was crying that much it was very serious. D quickly got ready & started walking to the school (we live like 4 blocks away) & I called my ma saying needed to get to Ts school cause he fell and have to take him to the hospital.

At our hospital when it first happened

We take him to our local hospital, the poor kid is in so much pain, had two ice packs on his arm. Took forever til the doctor finally came in to see him & request x-rays. Get the x-rays done and wait again for an answer. Found out he fractured his wrist & forearm bone buckled. They put him in a splint & sent us home. We gave him some Motrin & let him sleep. A few hours later & research on a buckled bone, we weren’t happy on how the hospital treated T with his arm. So little after 1 am we take a trip to Rochester Strong hospital for a better opinion on his arm.

We get there is 2am and we get told where to go, apparently they have a separate section for children in the emergency department. After about 2 or so hours we are finally seen & explained everything, they were kinds stunned about what our hospital did. Finally they did x-rays as well and said the same our hospital did BUT they actually casted Ts arm. He picked out blue which is his favorite color. He was so good about being at the hospital from 2am – 7am, what helped was they had TV and he got to pick movies to watch & of course they had Thomas & Friends so we watched that. The room was a split room so there was another patient, who was a little boy maybe 2 years old with a nasty cold. But the kids played together, found out they both love trains lol.

Getting his cast

We are official parents to a child who’s broke their bone. It was a very stressful day getting him proper care but that’s what parents do πŸ™‚ He still has the cast on and is already getting tired of it but loves he don’t have to do gym til further notice. Whenever our insurance stops being assholes he’ll finally be seen by a orthopedic surgeon, that doctor however did take out of his own time to quickly look at his x-rays and said Rochester did right by casting it, and that when we are able to get an appointment with him, that he’ll remove Ts current cast, let him itch his arm, clean it & put a new cast on. So let’s hope my insurance will get me the damn referral I need since he has an appointment Wednesday.

It’s been an interesting journey having to help a kid care for a broken arm. It can be challenging at times as well, cause T likes to try and do a lot he normally would & can’t due to the cast. Let’s hope soon his arm will heal great & will no longer need the cast much longer.

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Back to School!!!


That’s right it’s every parents favorite time of year, when the kiddos go back to school!! September 7, 2016 was T’s first day of school. He was excited and nervous that morning, he goes “my tummy hurts” I said do you feel a little uncomfortable about going to school? He says “yes”, I said hunny that’s cause you’re nervous about starting school, you’ll be okay πŸ™‚


This year T started 2nd grade, so that means he’ll be up on the 2nd floor of the school, so I can’t blame him for being nervous. When he got home from school, he just kept going on and on about his first day. He was saying his teacher was funny and that he got to see all his friends from 1st grade when they went out to play. He was really excited because he got to see his girlfriend and had to tell me how she has a Pikachu backpack and she liked his Pokemon backpack.

I can’t believe my baby boy is in the 2nd grade already! Time sure does fly when you have a child, I can only imagine what it’s like with multiple children. I’m just glad he has a good teacher and had a wonderful first day of school πŸ™‚

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Dear Son…


You’re an amazing little guy for only being 7 years old and you care so much for others. You’re willing to help others out when they need it, you also are willing to donate some of your toys when you no longer need/play with so others can have.


This mommy is getting really sick and tired of your “punk ass” attitude! I love you very much but man, your attitude lately has SUCKED! I don’t know where it came from, why you have it, and why you find it necessary to have it everyday, but I think it’s time to knock it off. I don’t appreciate everyday you yelling at me and making me feel like a horrible mother. I’ve done everything right, and this is how you treat me, what did I ever do to you? It really does upset me when you do this to me everyday.

Please stop with this attitude, it isn’t good. I understand it’s tough being an only child, but mommy & daddy are trying to fix that but it may take a while. So please stop acting like an adult and just be yourself, the sweet little boy everyone loves and the little boy who is willing to help others. I don’t like this little devil you’ve become, I’ve talked to you several times about this and you still have not learned. I do hope soon (maybe with school starting in 2 weeks) your attitude will change for the better, cause it seems to get worse everyday.

Remember mommy & daddy love you very much but we are tired of this “punk ass” attitude you’ve been giving.


You’re very aggravated, stressed & annoyed mother

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I can’t take it anymore

pulling hair out women large

I’ll probably get some heat for this post but to this point I don’t give a rats ass. When I sit back and look at myself I think I’m just a bad/shitty parent.

My son T has such a wicked attitude, I swear anymore it just seems to be getting worse over time. I’ve told my other half D that T is this way because he has a shitty mom, yet he swears up and down it’s not. I think it is, we are just crappy parents and it’s causing him to be a brat towards us. T at times will holler and scream at the top of his lungs at us, I understand he’s an only child, but the attitude is uncalled for.

D says it’s cause he’s an only child and is trying to be an adult, but I just disagree with that. I know the kid doesn’t have anyone his age to hangout with and there isn’t much I can do about that. It’s just how our life is, we don’t have family that live in the same town that he can go play with. He don’t have true honest friends, at 6 years old (almost 7) his friends are the type just friends in school, outside of school nothing, this kid is going down the same road I did as a kid via friend wise.

All I want to do is make sure T has a good childhood and the past 2 years it’s been living hell. Anymore we are just yelling & screaming at him because he just simply don’t want to listen. We’ve tried all different things, taken stuff away, been cool & calm with him when he starts yelling but nothing is working. I’m just to the point I’m ready to give up, I know it’s not good saying as a mother but I’m just done with it.

Because of all this stress of T’s attitude all I want to do is sit on my ass doing nothing, not wanting to be bothered with. I just can’t handle this attitude, so basically I’ve thrown in the towel. What doesn’t help is NO ONE will take T for a night, because they can’t handle him even tho he is good when we are away, so that there tells me T has a problem with us being his parents 😦 my grandparents have let him stay the night 2 different times & my aunt only let him once, yet my aunt bitches saying he needs a break away from us, well if that’s the case then fucking take him.

Ugh I just don’t know what to do anymore & I don’t know how much more I can take before I completely freak out!!

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Happy Father’s Day!!!

Some pictures of T & D thru the years.

Happy father’s day to all those who are dads and have to play the dad role, this day is celebrated for the ones who actually are a part of their child(rens) life. I hope you have a wonderful day. If it’s hot out like it is here, please be safe in the heat!

What D got from us
What D got from us

Even tho today is father’s day, D insisted on making breakfast for us all. It was some yummy food too lol. Then T gave him his few items he picked out for D, it wasn’t much but it’s the thought that matters. Because, it’s not easy getting something for someone who has everything already. Then we just spent the afternoon relaxing, cleaned up from our indoor camp out, of course T had to have a bit of an attitude earlier but we’ve finally got over that. Then D wanted to cook on the grill so he grilled up some burgers and hots, so a pretty good day overall. T is lucky to have such an awesome daddy like he does, and T is so much like him it’s crazy!!!

I hope everyone had an awesome day!! Again Happy Father’s Day to all those who are dads and play the role of dad πŸ™‚