What happened?

What happened to how things used to be? Yes we all have to grow up but does that mean life has to become complicated and you give up on things you used to enjoy doing like hobbies?

Growing up I didn’t really like doing much, I stayed home and had absolutely no life. As I got older like 16 (2003) I started to write poems & short stories, also sometimes I would do some drawing. As I got little bit older around 20 (2007) I for some reason just stopped, more like around 2008 is when I stopped. Occasionally I would do some drawing but not worth showing anyone. Then in 2012 I started up sewing, I hadn’t sewn anything since I was in middle school.

I had fun sewing stuff, but as usual I’m just bored with sewing, which is not good because that’s part of my business 😦 The whole not sewing thing I think is because I just got worn out, always having family want me to make them stuff (I have a problem saying no) then trying to make stuff for the shop & some of it not selling. Then on top of all that I was doing a lot of sewing for gaming conventions, I think last years convention is what really caused me to not want to sew anymore. I was severely disappointed with how that weekend went, I had made so much stuff & barely sold anything, I’m lucky if I sold 1/4 of what I brought.

Crocheting is another thing I enjoyed doing, but I am slowly getting bored with it. Like there’s so much I’d love to crochet but then I get it in my mind that I don’t need to because it will be just a cluster added to the rest of the cluster in my house.

Heck I used to blog a lot but anymore I don’t keep up with it, I just run out of things to type about. 😦

So I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m trying to enjoy the hobbies I love but I just can’t seem to & my sewing stuff alone takes up a lot of room & I feel horrible cause I have it all set up but feel bleh when it comes to sewing. I miss writing but can’t ever think of anything to write. AHHHH why does it have to be like this? How the hell do I get out of this funk?!


RetroGameCon 2016 Recap!

Giant greeting sign (1/2) that was like right above/in front of us

Giant greeting sign (1/2) that was like right above/in front of us

This years RetroGameCon was a two day event, November 5th & 6th. We were excited about attending this year again as artists. This years convention was held at the OnCenter in Syracuse, NY and boy is that place HUGE!!! As mentioned we were excited but as we left on day 2 I personally wasn’t happy.

Day 1 table set up

Day 1 table set up

Day 1 we got there early like told to & got all set up for the day. We were located in a not so good spot, our table was surrounded by mainly vendors who sold video games & stuff, so at first we thought man this would be great, but in reality it hurt my business, drastically. We had a lot of people who would start walking to our table then immediately get pulled to the tables next to us because they were selling games.


Besides from bad location, we did have fun seeing all the cosplay, there were a lot of amazing ones & of course some that made you shake your head. There was this one guy who was wearing one of those inflatable dino costumes & was doing Dance Dance Revolution, boy that was funny as fuck to watch. There was just a lot of cosplay that was simply awesome!


Day 2 set up

Day 2 we set up, made the table look a bit better (I thought it did) and waited for the convention to start. We had hopes that it would be an even better day because admission was only $10/person, but boy we were wrong. I think everyone suffered on day 2, because not many people showed up.



I think the only good thing that came out of day 2 was a certain cosplayer, when we arrived I seen the person & I knew who it was but part of me wasn’t sure. I asked D to go over and ask because I was too shy lol. Next thing I know the person is coming over & handing me a rose saying their famous line in character. It was Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club, which is one of my favorite animes and then I was given a rose. I thought that was awesome & I could feel my face turning red as well because it was awesome & something I’m not used to because of having social issues.

Our badge this year

Our badge this year

Overall RetroGameCon is an amazing event in Syracuse NY, will I return next year? You bet your ass!! This year wasn’t so good for me, due to I didn’t even sell half the stuff I brought. However, I did get my business name out there and gave out a ton of business cards. So I may have not sold much at the con, but I did have a blast with seeing cosplay, other artists & just having fun being around stuff that is amazing.

I made a UNICORN!!!



A while ago I started another crochet side project, this time it was a unicorn. It didn’t take long to get everything made and attached until it got to where I had to add the hair. That’s when I stopped working on it and just put it aside, well finally after 1-2 months later I finally decided to take the project out and add its hair. At first it was easy, but after awhile it got severely annoying and couldn’t wait to be finished with it. Now that it’s complete, I have to say I love it!! It came out so frigging cute, I’ve been asked why I made it, and I’m like “because I wanted to damn it”.

I got the pattern from One Dog Woof HERE.

Crocheting basics….tutorial included!

Crocheting is an relaxing hobby to pick up on, and if you get really good at it you can make some amazing things and make money off them. But, first you got to get to know the basics, some may say that it’s hard to crochet. Honestly, it is a little bit hard at first to learn, but when you get the hang of it, you’ll be like “really, it’s so easy”!

I’ve decided to start making videos on how to crochet the basics, and maybe sometime in the future showing how to make other things. So far I have made only one video, and I am actually quite happy with how it came out. I just hope the videos over time will help people to learn how to crochet.

Below is my video, it’s only a little over 8 minutes long and shows how to do a slip knot, chaining and single crochet. I hope those interested find this video helpful, I’m hoping to get more videos made and put online. 🙂

Baby Shower Gifts


My cousin is pregnant with her first child and it’s going to be a little boy. The theme for the baby is Batman so of course I decided to make items for her instead of store bought. I made her a plaque with the first letter for her son, then made a crochet Batman lovey blanket, then made a Batman themed quilt which my grams paid for all the materials but then decided to put everyone’s name on it. My mom also ordered from me some burp rags and some wee wee tee pees (which I didn’t get a picture before wrapping them).

When my cousin finally got to mine (yeah she had A LOT of gifts) I made sure I was there to see her reaction. She opened the plaque first and started tearing up over it, then she opened the lovey blanket and got more teary eyed. Once she got to the baby quilt she was really holding back the tears. She came to me and gave me a big hug, which is funny because I’m 5’5 and she’s a few inches shorter than me, and said thank you and could hear she wanted to cry over the things. She said they were beautiful and that she loved them, it made my day to hear she loved the items I made. When she got the wee wee tee pees, the reaction was priceless, she didn’t know what they were. Once she was told she thought it was awesome and everyone was laughing and thought it was such a cute thing.

I’m just glad I was able to make her some awesome things for her first born, I always prefer handmade items over store bought (except clothes lol I can’t make those).

Crochet JigglyPuff


Finally got around to finishing JigglyPuff, I started her a few months ago, and of course things come up and she got put to the side. I finally decided to dig her out and finish her up. She is now all ready to be sent down to our niece, it’s a belated birthday gift from us. I’m really hoping she likes JigglyPuff since this is her favorite pokemon! 

Want to make one yourself? Click HERE for the pattern I used.

Temperature blanket 2016–January done!!


That’s right! I completed the whole month of January, I wasn’t sure I’d get thru the month but I did. I have a tendency of forgetting projects, but not this, if I didn’t do a row on some days I would make sure to write down the temp so I could go and get the rows done when I felt like it. January 31st was at a temp of 52, I couldn’t believe it, I can’t wait to see how February is going to look. A friend of mine is making one as well but with a different color chart and another state away. It’s really awesome seeing the difference between the two, she is also making a smaller version with the temps lows, that I can’t wait to see! I’m really excited to see when it gets to be warmer weather here in WNY!