Story-time with Brushstrokes


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Our local library had an event, where a local company called “Brushstrokes” came in read a story to the kids & then the kids got to paint a ceramic lion. I took T to it & he had a blast, I can’t remember the story they read but it was pretty darn cute. T was so excited that he was going to get to paint a lion, but was bumming he couldn’t take it home that day. I had to explain to him, that they had to take it back to the store, put a special glaze on it & put it in a kiln. The lady said that in 1-2 weeks he would be able to get his lion, needless to say about 1.5 weeks later I got the phone call that his lion was available for pick up, along with his friends lions that he went to the event with.

I’m glad I was able to get him signed up for the event, since the last one with Brushstrokes the event was full and didn’t know about it til the day before it. I’m hoping they do another one, because it is a really awesome event and all the kids have a blast.


Another hobby learned….plastic canvas!

You may ask what is plastic canvas? Well, plastic canvas is a craft material of lightweight plastic with regularly spaced holes in imitation of embroidery canvas. Plastic canvas comes in various colors and the size of the holes varies as well. The sizes are normally 5, 7, 10 & 14 count, what does that mean? It means how many holes there are in an inch.

Some people may think, oh it’s an older person hobby and other stuff. But, it’s rather fun to make and it is for any age and anyone. You can almost make anything you want with plastic canvas. I’ve seen people make toy house, toy trains and other stuff, it’s amazing what you can make. I haven’t ventured into making that kind of stuff, but I have stuck to making like magnets and wreaths. I also made up some mini magnets that was made with 10 count and sold them at RetroGameCon, they were a big hit and I sold a decent amount of them 🙂


First wreath I made, it was actually first plastic canvas project I made, I am still amazed at how well it turned out! (this was made with 7 count)

There are a lot of designs you can find online via Google and Pinterest. Also, you can take perler bead designs (which are basically an 8 bit style) and use that to make something with plastic canvas.

I’ve also made a few key chains with plastic canvas, it’s just awesome what all you can do with plastic canvas. I would suggest giving this a try, it’s fairly easy to learn and doesn’t cost much in supplies. I learned by watching videos and reading tutorials I found on Google, so go ahead and give it a try!!!

DIY glass magnets

I’ve seen these all the time on Pinterest and shops on Etsy selling them, I finally decided to give them a try. These things are so cute and very easy to make! These would make a great little gift for anyone, and you can make a lot for a small price.

I got everything at Dollar Tree minus magnets

I got everything at Dollar Tree minus magnets


  • Flat clear marbles – these can be purchased at Dollar Tree
  • Mod Podge – available at some Dollar Tree stores as well
  • Magnets – I got a set of like 16 for $2 at Walmart
  • Scrapbook paper or any image you want – I used what I had on hand
  • paint brush
  • Super glue or hot glue gun

Step 1

-Either trace around the flat marble and cut out the circle or apply mod podge to the marble and place over image you want to use. Let this sit and dry for about 15 minutes give or take.

I placed mine on the images I wanted to use

I placed mine on the images I wanted to use

Step 2

-If you had already cut out the circle in step 1 skip this step. If you placed the marble on the image and haven’t cut, carefully trim as close to the flat marble as you can.


Carefully trimmed close to the marble then placed magnet on back.

Step 3

-Take your magnet and apply super glue or whichever you decide to use to the back of the magnet then place on the flat part of the marble (which should also be the back of the image). Let the glue dry completely.

Step 4

-Once dry, enjoy looking at your cool new glass magnets.

Two of the finished magnets!! (doesn't T look cute in his kindergarten grad pic?!)

Two of the finished magnets!! (doesn’t T look cute in his kindergarten grad pic?!)

Now ain’t they cute?! You can use whatever picture you’d like to make for your magnet. I’m thinking making a few with Thomas & Friends for T, he would love seeing these on the fridge. These are just so easy to make and a fun gift to give to anyone. If you want you can even get your child(ren) to help too. Go ahead and give them a try, if you do I would love to hear what you think!

Gingerbread train!


I think D & T are happy with it!

I think D & T are happy with it!

To be honest neither have myself or D ever made a gingerbread house let alone a gingerbread train! T’s Gigi bought the kit and said well have fun, gee thanks mom. Poor D got so frustrated with the whole thing cause originally he put it together wrong, but him and T got it the way it was supposed to be. It took them over an hour to make this train, which isn’t too bad for the first time and having to re-do the body work, thankfully not much was decorated when they had to fix it.

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the train and how it came out, they did an awesome job for being the first time. Maybe it will be a new tradition for us, is to make a gingerbread something, maybe a house next year. Next thing is, what will we do with it, cause neither do T or myself like gingerbread, so I guess D has a lot to eat lol. Have you made a gingerbread house or anything like this for Christmas? Please comment and share 🙂

Pajama Storytime with Santa


Our public library every year has this small event, the kids get to come to the library in their pajamas and meet Santa. This was T’s first year going cause before he wouldn’t sit still. We got there like 30 minutes early, so we could get a parking spot, since they are limited. As it got closer to 7pm more and more people came in with their children, I couldn’t believe how many kids were there!

The event only lasted 1 hour, but it started off with a short film named “what is Christmas”, it was interesting and surprisinly T sat still during the whole thing. After the film, the librarian got the bells and starting ringing them to see if Santa would come out. Next thing, you hear is Santa ringing bells too and walking to the children. It was pretty awesome, the reactions on all the kids, and the reaction on T’s face was amazing. Me and D thought that our son was going to be like the scene in the movie “Elf” when buddy goes “SANTA….OH MY GOD!”, but no he didn’t. After Santa came out and said hi to all the kids, they did a few songs and then he read a story to the kids, “T’was the night before Christmas”. After all that, the kids got to go sit on Santa’s lap and tell them what they want for Christmas. It was cute seeing some of the younger ones, once they got on Santa’s lap they would cry, it reminded me of T when he was that age, and then I re-thought, man I didn’t miss that part lol, but its still cute.

When it was T’s turn, he had no problem and was excited to tell Santa what he wanted. We figured he would tell Santa like 1 or 2 things, but nope, he just kept going on and on with what he wanted, thankfully Santa was good about it and thought it was funny that T kept going on with what he wanted. We were glad T was wanting to see Santa and tell him what he wants, because there are kids in his class that have told him that Santa isn’t real. We’ve been telling him the whole time that he is real, but with this event, he knew Santa WAS REAL. I just couldn’t believe that kids in kindergarten are telling him that Santa isn’t real, like what kind of parents do these kids have?! I am glad T believe’s in Santa, he tells the kids, that if they don’t believe they don’t have the Christmas spirit.