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Back to School!

Hard to believe Trent is 9 years old and starting the 4th grade!! Plus, he’s starting in the middle school this year. Hard to believe he’s going into middle school, seems like yesterday he was starting kindergarten, where has the time gone?!

With starting in the middle school he has to now take band, so they suggested he take clarinet cause that is what best suits him. He took summer lessons and did really good with them, we are beyond proud of him!


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Salt City Comic Con 2018

Booth set up

For my 2nd year we attended Salt City Comic Con in Syracuse, NY as a vendor. Of course I was still working on stuff until just a few days before we left. We left out on Friday 07.06.2018 to head to Syracuse, this year we were going to stay at the hotel it was being hosted at, Embassy Suites Hilton. It was very pricey to stay there but was so worth every penny we put into it!! Our friend Crissy even drove all the way up from PA to hang out and spend the weekend with us!!

So, Friday we arrive in Syracuse and relaxed for a bit, then we went to get out badges and found out they were still trying to figure out how the layout was going to be for the outside vendors. We decided to head down to the pool for the Pikachu pool party, omg it was so much fun and Trent had a blast. Only complain was the water was salt water instead of chlorine.


Few hours later we got everything taken care of and got our booth location. We were just going to set up the canopy, tables and the wire shelves, however, after we get the canopy and tables set up, I realized I forgot my wire shelves back at home which is about 2.5 hours away, so there was no going back for them. So we ran to the local Walmart and they didn’t have any, found out a Kmart did but was already closed.


Saturday morning, we get up showered and dressed and decided to head down to the free breakfast. It was delicious and got to watch classic cartoons like Ghostbusters & Transformers. There was also cosplayers hanging out with everyone doing pictures. Trent was so excited he wanted his picture with Batman. After breakfast we quickly ran over to Kmart and got my wire shelves, go back and finish setting up. We had to be set up and ready to go by 10am for the VIPs to come thru, and we managed to do so. For Saturday we did really good, sold a bunch of stuff and there was always a crowd of people going thru, what helped was we had the food trucks in the area we were in.

We got free bowling passes so myself, Dave & Crissy went out and had an adult time just hanging out bowling, Trent stayed with his Gigi at the hotel. After bowling we decided to hit up the arcade, that was a lot of fun! Then, went to a shop and I bought my first manga and can’t wait to start reading it. We came back to the hotel and had a few drinks, well I had soda cause I don’t drink but it was still a nice time. I’ve never actually hung out like that before and it was quite relaxing and can’t wait to do it again sometime.

Trent with his aunt Crissy

Sunday morning we get up and get stuff packed so we can sign out. We got up a bit too early and got ready too early so while myself and Dave was out setting up for convention, Trent & his Gigi hung out and went swimming. Then came time to sign out, after we did, Trent & his Gigi went to the zoo nearby. Boy, Trent had a good ol’ time at the zoo and took lots of pictures. For the convention, it was a much slower day for us, we barely had people coming into our booth. What hurt us was they took the food trucks out of the area we were in and put them outside so people didn’t have to come in. Them doing that hurt a lot of the vendors that was outside with us. I was lucky to have sold maybe 10 things from 10am – 5pm, it was that bad.

Overall, the convention wasn’t too bad, most vendors were inside and only a few outside. Like I mentioned Saturday was great for us, but come Sunday as usual it’s super slow and barely make anything. I love doing these conventions but I’m so tired of being disappointed because I’m not making much at them. So I think for right now I’m going to take a break and maybe see about getting into the local events if possible.

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Broken arm

It was Friday 09.30.2016, myself & D were relaxing and getting ready to eat lunch when I got the phone call. I recognized the number it was the school, I looked at D and said “now what?”. It was the school nurse, she said that the kids were out at recess and T was up on the slide and fell off the side & the kids were saying it was about 4 feet. T is crying and saying his arm hurts, you need to come get him & get him checked out. My heart sank because I knew, if he was crying that much it was very serious. D quickly got ready & started walking to the school (we live like 4 blocks away) & I called my ma saying needed to get to Ts school cause he fell and have to take him to the hospital.

At our hospital when it first happened

We take him to our local hospital, the poor kid is in so much pain, had two ice packs on his arm. Took forever til the doctor finally came in to see him & request x-rays. Get the x-rays done and wait again for an answer. Found out he fractured his wrist & forearm bone buckled. They put him in a splint & sent us home. We gave him some Motrin & let him sleep. A few hours later & research on a buckled bone, we weren’t happy on how the hospital treated T with his arm. So little after 1 am we take a trip to Rochester Strong hospital for a better opinion on his arm.

We get there is 2am and we get told where to go, apparently they have a separate section for children in the emergency department. After about 2 or so hours we are finally seen & explained everything, they were kinds stunned about what our hospital did. Finally they did x-rays as well and said the same our hospital did BUT they actually casted Ts arm. He picked out blue which is his favorite color. He was so good about being at the hospital from 2am – 7am, what helped was they had TV and he got to pick movies to watch & of course they had Thomas & Friends so we watched that. The room was a split room so there was another patient, who was a little boy maybe 2 years old with a nasty cold. But the kids played together, found out they both love trains lol.

Getting his cast

We are official parents to a child who’s broke their bone. It was a very stressful day getting him proper care but that’s what parents do 🙂 He still has the cast on and is already getting tired of it but loves he don’t have to do gym til further notice. Whenever our insurance stops being assholes he’ll finally be seen by a orthopedic surgeon, that doctor however did take out of his own time to quickly look at his x-rays and said Rochester did right by casting it, and that when we are able to get an appointment with him, that he’ll remove Ts current cast, let him itch his arm, clean it & put a new cast on. So let’s hope my insurance will get me the damn referral I need since he has an appointment Wednesday.

It’s been an interesting journey having to help a kid care for a broken arm. It can be challenging at times as well, cause T likes to try and do a lot he normally would & can’t due to the cast. Let’s hope soon his arm will heal great & will no longer need the cast much longer.

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Day out with Thomas 2016


This post is a tad bit late but at least I’m finally getting around to it right? Every year Thomas the train comes to our town, they have tents set up with activities for the children and you have the option to buy tickets to ride the train, otherwise the whole event is free to everyone. We’ve been taking T to the event since he was about 10 months old, he’s loved Thomas the train since that little. It’s always fun going there and seeing T’s face just light up when he sees all the awesome things.

The event is usually always the same every year, and that’s alright because it’s always a good time. They have tattoos and face painting, then a spot with motorized trains for play, Legos to play with, rice table with toys, wooden trains to play with, coloring station, a bouncy house and a maze. T’s favorite is the motorized train play and running thru the maze. He’ll run thru the maze the right way, then back track go thru it again, he’s such a goof. Where we live there is a train museum, and you get to go into it with your train ticket or pay just a small amount to go in. The museum is AMAZING! There is a ton of old train items throughout the entire thing, and then the main focus is the biggest model-train layout. T flips out every time he gets to go into the museum, he loves seeing all the train model set ups.

In 2013 we decided to actually ride the train for the first time, now tickets are $21 per person, so it’s not cheap to some people especially us, but it’s worth it. The ride all together is about 25 mins, some have complained about it, but we haven’t because it’s worth the money for a short ride, because it’s about the experience T is having and just seeing his face light up every time he goes on the train. But, we’ve gotten smart about buying tickets, at tax time we get our tickets so we have them months in advance, yes sometimes they have sales closer to the event for the tickets but I’d rather already have them in advance 🙂

Overall, the event is a fun time, at first it was annoying to me but it has grown on me because c’mon my son is obsessed with Thomas the train. It’s always a good time when we go, and seeing T’s face light up every year with the event is worth it.

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Today was an amazing day! Started off with being nice and warm outside, I believe it got up to a high of 61 degrees! We decided to get together with friends and take kids bowling, it was T’s first time bowling and our friends nephew first time bowling. T freaked out when we got to the lanes, he was beyond excited he was finally able to go actual bowling. Myself and D even decided to bowl as well and boy I forgot how much I loved it, the last time we went was moonlight bowling back in 2008, before T was born. 

It was just an amazing time seeing T have a blast bowling and for him being a lefty he did an amazing job, after the first 10 frames he finished with like a score of 80, not bad for a 6 year old who has never actually bowled. It was also really nice to go out and be with friends, that is something I am not used to and it was a great time. We’ve already decided during T’s spring break next month we gotta get together again, maybe at a park and let the kids have fun again. 

I have a feeling we will be going to the lanes again soon because T had a ton of fun and wants to go again 🙂 It was an amazing way to spend a Sunday with warm weather, family/friends and bowling. 

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Library fun!

he was happy to make a bag, but not happy about picture being taken lol
he was happy to make a bag, but not happy about picture being taken lol

On February 7, 2015 our public library had “Take your child to the library day”. The event was for 2 hours, and it was to basically inspire families to bring their children to the library. Also the first 50 children got to decorate a tote bag for their books. We got there just a few mins after the event started, after being there for about 10-15 minutes, then a lot of people started showing up with their kids. We thought it was pretty cool, seeing families bring their children to the library, its a good way for them to spend time together. T had a blast as always, he loves going the library, and the librarian knows T real well, because we’ve been taking him there since he was almost 2 years old. Then when he was in headstart for 2 years, they would visit the library once a month.

working on his bag


It was a fun, and all of us had a good time at the library as a family. T loved making his bag, even tho most of the decorations were a big girly, he still had a blast making them. Also as always, T had to do the puzzle they have there, mainly because its a Thomas and Friends puzzle lol. Next week, is mid-winter recess and they are having events again for the kids, and of course T is signed up for them. They are having an I-spy event and a Olympics with marshmallows and stuff. Its going to be fun, and good way to keep him busy while being out of school.

of course puzzle time with daddy too
of course puzzle time with daddy too