Last Day of School

Hard to believe that my son has finished 2nd grade and will be going into 3rd grade next school year. This school year has been a crazy one for us. T’s teacher, boy I couldn’t stand her ass, she kept taking stuff away from T even tho he didn’t do anything, always complaining about him, etc. Of course we couldn’t move him into a different class because our school is already packed since they closed the other elementary school a few years ago, so classrooms are at their max.

Then we dealt with T being bullied in his classroom & on the bus. The bus driver would keep moving his seat & didn’t help with the issues. Then one day he came home & told us about a kid threatening to fight him & that was it, we went right up to the school, made the principal leave a meeting to talk to us. We told her what happened & what has been going on with the classroom & the bus. Needless to say things got better real quick, she talked to his teacher & looked at the camera footage from the bus & got everything taken care of. She also told T to don’t be afraid to go see her if something happens. Apparently he was afraid to get into trouble for going to the principal what’s happening.

Besides from having a few problems, T did really good in school. We are super proud of him & excited that he is moving onto the 3rd grade.

Now T is enjoying summer vacation then in July he starts his summer enrichment program the school is having. Its a 4 week program each week is something different then on that Friday the kids go on a field trip that is related to what they learned that week. This is something new the school is doing and was limited to a certain amount of students & the best part is that it’s a free program!!!


Graduated Kindergarten!!


That’s right, T has graduated kindergarten and will be going into the 1st grade in September. I can’t believe we made it thru kindergarten and had no major problems with him. He was bullied a little but thankfully it was all taken care of and had stopped. That was the only thing we had to deal with this year, he did great with everything else.

I was a little bummed they didn’t do a graduation ceremony like some schools but it’s okay. They sent home this cute certificate showing he graduated. When I seen it, I literally cried, I tried to wipe away the tears and I would cry some more. T asked me what was wrong, and I told him I was just very excited/happy for him.


It’s so hard to believe he’ll be 6 next month and then in September going to be in 1st grade, like where does all the time go?! This summer we are going to have fun and enjoy spending time with him. His teacher also gave out booklets for the kids, so they have stuff to work on to keep their minds active. I thought that was pretty awesome, it’s what kids need, a little boost to keep their minds going while still on summer break, so when they go back to school, they don’t have to try and remember what they had forgotten lol.

Congrats to everyone who has graduated and/or moving up to the next grade. We are very proud of T, and can’t wait to see what next school year brings us.