What happened?

What happened to how things used to be? Yes we all have to grow up but does that mean life has to become complicated and you give up on things you used to enjoy doing like hobbies?

Growing up I didn’t really like doing much, I stayed home and had absolutely no life. As I got older like 16 (2003) I started to write poems & short stories, also sometimes I would do some drawing. As I got little bit older around 20 (2007) I for some reason just stopped, more like around 2008 is when I stopped. Occasionally I would do some drawing but not worth showing anyone. Then in 2012 I started up sewing, I hadn’t sewn anything since I was in middle school.

I had fun sewing stuff, but as usual I’m just bored with sewing, which is not good because that’s part of my business ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The whole not sewing thing I think is because I just got worn out, always having family want me to make them stuff (I have a problem saying no) then trying to make stuff for the shop & some of it not selling. Then on top of all that I was doing a lot of sewing for gaming conventions, I think last years convention is what really caused me to not want to sew anymore. I was severely disappointed with how that weekend went, I had made so much stuff & barely sold anything, I’m lucky if I sold 1/4 of what I brought.

Crocheting is another thing I enjoyed doing, but I am slowly getting bored with it. Like there’s so much I’d love to crochet but then I get it in my mind that I don’t need to because it will be just a cluster added to the rest of the cluster in my house.

Heck I used to blog a lot but anymore I don’t keep up with it, I just run out of things to type about. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

So I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m trying to enjoy the hobbies I love but I just can’t seem to & my sewing stuff alone takes up a lot of room & I feel horrible cause I have it all set up but feel bleh when it comes to sewing. I miss writing but can’t ever think of anything to write. AHHHH why does it have to be like this? How the hell do I get out of this funk?!


Happy Blogaversary to Me!!


Today marks 5 years since starting this blog, when I first started I didn’t know where it was going or even know what I was going to blog about. Over the years it has just became a blog to share different things and just blog about my personal life. I’m glad to still have some followers from the very beginning, and of course it’s nice seeing new ones follow along as well ๐Ÿ™‚

This place is always a roller coaster when it comes to posts, but hey we everyone has a personal life, so I tend to just blog when I feel like it. To those who manage to blog everyday for several years, my hats off to you ๐Ÿ™‚ย I still plan on keeping this blog up, and keeping it as it says, โ€œMomโ€™s place of sanityโ€, it will always be random rants, from parenting, stress, my shop and who knows what else!

So…Happy Anniversary to my blog, 5 years and still continue on!!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Wanna see my first blog post? Click HERE, I read it and wonder why that was ever my first post lol.

Updated Sewing Space!

My little sewing space has always been a part of our dinning room, and since I started back up sewing in 2011 my love for it has grown meaning I’ve gotten more and more stuff for it. So it was finally time to get everything properly organized. Our dinning room is like a little over 1/2 filled with sewing related items, the rest is our actual table and arts & crafts shelf. I am actually loving how it is all set up, now if I could just get back into actually sewing again that would be nice. I haven’t sewn since after RetroGameCon, I don’t know why but I just haven’t felt like sewing, I think part of it is because I lost the enjoyment of sewing and it feels like a job because of my Etsy shop. Well, enough of the boohoo nonsense onto pictures of my sewing space ๐Ÿ™‚


I used to have a separate table for just my sewing space but it was just taking up space so now my cutting table is also used for my sewing machine. The table also used to be on risers but because of the sewing machine I had to take them off otherwise I couldn’t sew, my legs are too short to reach the peddle lol.


Up close of “Beasty”, this is by far the best sewing machine I’ve ever owned!! It was pricey when it was bought but so worth it. This machine has done lots of quilting and making awesome stuff.


This lovely shelf is new, and it holds ALL my fabric!! No more keeping fabric in several bins. It finally has a nice place to be stored and nothing happen to them. I’m pretty proud of myself I put this together 3/4 by myself and the other 1/4 was help from D.


This shelf serves two purposes, the top three shelves are used for my sewing supplies. The very top has all my sewing patterns and ideas along with other important things, and the shelf with the white drawers is something new. Michael’s was having a huge sale and I got this for only $15 instead of $45, and it’s perfect to store the little things I need for sewing. There are two more shelves not pictured that holds all our board games.


This lazy Susan is an awesome investment! Along with the other white drawers, this too was on sale at Michael’s, originally $45 and I got it for only $15!! Of course next to it is my basket full of our perler bead projects ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, everything is finally in a spot where we can find it all. I’m not a very organized person but I’m glad to have my sewing spot organized. Do you have to share your crafting area with another room in the house like I do? Or do you get to have a crafting room? Someday I am hoping to have a place where I can have a crafting room ๐Ÿ™‚

Improvements? (day 26/30)

Wow, the challenge is almost done already. Today’s an interesting one “Write about an area in your life youโ€™d like to improve”.ย 

Of course there are things I would like to improve in my life, who wouldn’t? But, I think all the bullshit I put up with in life is what makes me a stronger person, and it’s just how my life is supposed to be.

But, if I did want to actually improve, it would be my physical health, I am overweight but I am actually healthy, I’ve had several test done to check things and they all come back normal, I’ve surprised me doctors it’s crazy. If I could I would love to lose some weight, hell even 50lbs would be nice, yes I’d still be overweight but it would be nice. However, I have PCOS, and that makes it much harder to lose the weight. I am proud of myself tho, I did manage to lose 15lbs when I last went to the docs, but I still would like to lose at least another 50lbs. I know over time I will eventually get to where I am at, right now I’ll slowly lose the weight, because it is such a struggle with the PCOS. I am currently chubby and healthy, so I can just continue enjoying my crazy life ๐Ÿ™‚

Celebrity Crushes (day 20/30)

Today is “Post about three celebrity crushes”,ย I honestly have A LOT of celebrity crushes, but I’ll keep it down to just three of them, which wasn’t easy to pick but here we go ๐Ÿ™‚

David Tennant


This man, OH MY GOODNESS! I started crushing on him when I started watching Doctor Who, he played as the 10th doctor. He is a great actor, and the accent, I’m a sucker for a man with a good accent ๐Ÿ™‚ He played awesome as Doctor Who, then as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy in Broadchurch and as Kilgrave on Jessica Jones. Which I highly recommend you seeing all three of those. I swear the older he gets the sexier he gets ๐Ÿ™‚

Tom Hiddleston


This man…..the crush started when I first seen Thor, he plays as Loki. I don’t know what it is about this man but damn I just crush hard with him. He always looks better with black hair, and is an amazing actor. On a side note, I have an eye doctor who could literally pass as Tom Hiddleston’s twin, same body figure, looks and smile, it’s frigging crazy! It’s hard when you take your child in to have his eyes exam and not want to jump the guy lol

Till Lindemann


He is a big, sexy, German ๐Ÿ™‚ He is the lead singer of Rammstein, which I’ve been a fan for years now. His songs are of course all in German but thanks to people on the internet, you get the proper English lyrics. Not much more to say about his man, but DAMN lol

Well there we have it, at least three celebrity crushes. Of course there are many many more, and like some of us, we have an old man crush. I have a few old man crushes but I think the oldest man is….Sam Elliot, that deep voice is what does it lol.

What are at least 3 of your celebrity crushes? I would love to see! Don’t feel shy about it, share away ๐Ÿ™‚

My First Love (day 19/30)

Okay interesting one today “Discuss your first love”.

April 17, 2005 is when I got with my first love, I was 17 and met this guy online. He was about 3 years older than me, and he seemed like an amazing guy. Before we officially started dating he came to the house a few times, and when I first seen him in person I should of went with my gut instinct and said “HELL NO RUN AWAY”, but I didn’t.

Things seemed great the first 3 months we were together, then he decided to cheat on me, I should have learned right there to just stay away, but again I didn’t. We were apart for about 2 weeks then got back together. Overall, we were together for only 2 years. But, during that time there were several good times. We were happy a lot, we would go to the movies all the time and just enjoy being around each other, he even went to prom with me.

Some people thought our relationship was good, and some thought it wasn’t, when in reality it wasn’t. I cried A LOT during that 2ย years, because he would cheat on me all the time, but stupid me would let him back in my life. I think it was because he was the only guy who showed interest in me. What pissed me off the most was, now I don’t usually judge peoples appearance but this time I had, the women he cheated on me were bigger than I was and ugly, like seriously.

January 2007, I found out that I have had a miscarriage, that’s when the relationship really went downhill. Then in March 2007 we finally split, he had already met someone before hand.

He is now married to that chick he met just before we split, is married and has 2 kids with her. I am now with my fiance of almost 9 years and have 1 child and I can’t be any happier with my life.

Zodiac Sign (day 17/30)

Day 17 – “Post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you.”

I’m a Scorpio ๐Ÿ™‚


So after searching Google for zodiac sign meanings I finally found a site here. I’d have to say, most of the sites I visited, the pretty much all said the same thing about Scorpios.


Traditionalย Scorpio Traits:

Determined and forceful
Emotional and intuitive
Powerful and passionate
Exciting and magnetic

On the dark side….

Jealous and resentful
Compulsive and obsessive
Secretive and obstinate


  • Truth
  • Hidden Causes
  • Being involved
  • Work That is Meaningful
  • Being Persuasive


  • Being Given Only Surface data
  • Taken Advantage of
  • Demeaning Jobs
  • Shallow Relationships
  • Flattery and Flattering

So, I’m not going to much into detail about Scorpio, if you want to read more about it, HERE is a link to the site I found. Needless to say, I have to agree that Scorpio does fit me, it is about 99% exactly like me and I couldn’t be any happier.