RetroGameCon 2016 Recap!

Giant greeting sign (1/2) that was like right above/in front of us

Giant greeting sign (1/2) that was like right above/in front of us

This years RetroGameCon was a two day event, November 5th & 6th. We were excited about attending this year again as artists. This years convention was held at the OnCenter in Syracuse, NY and boy is that place HUGE!!! As mentioned we were excited but as we left on day 2 I personally wasn’t happy.

Day 1 table set up

Day 1 table set up

Day 1 we got there early like told to & got all set up for the day. We were located in a not so good spot, our table was surrounded by mainly vendors who sold video games & stuff, so at first we thought man this would be great, but in reality it hurt my business, drastically. We had a lot of people who would start walking to our table then immediately get pulled to the tables next to us because they were selling games.


Besides from bad location, we did have fun seeing all the cosplay, there were a lot of amazing ones & of course some that made you shake your head. There was this one guy who was wearing one of those inflatable dino costumes & was doing Dance Dance Revolution, boy that was funny as fuck to watch. There was just a lot of cosplay that was simply awesome!


Day 2 set up

Day 2 we set up, made the table look a bit better (I thought it did) and waited for the convention to start. We had hopes that it would be an even better day because admission was only $10/person, but boy we were wrong. I think everyone suffered on day 2, because not many people showed up.



I think the only good thing that came out of day 2 was a certain cosplayer, when we arrived I seen the person & I knew who it was but part of me wasn’t sure. I asked D to go over and ask because I was too shy lol. Next thing I know the person is coming over & handing me a rose saying their famous line in character. It was Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club, which is one of my favorite animes and then I was given a rose. I thought that was awesome & I could feel my face turning red as well because it was awesome & something I’m not used to because of having social issues.

Our badge this year

Our badge this year

Overall RetroGameCon is an amazing event in Syracuse NY, will I return next year? You bet your ass!! This year wasn’t so good for me, due to I didn’t even sell half the stuff I brought. However, I did get my business name out there and gave out a ton of business cards. So I may have not sold much at the con, but I did have a blast with seeing cosplay, other artists & just having fun being around stuff that is amazing.


RetroGameCon 2016!!


This post is a bit over due, but I will be attending RetroGameCon again this year and will be in the Artist Alley. At first I was a little bit skeptical about going but decided to just do it. This year the event is 2 days so that means I have a lot of stuff I need to get done. But being the way that I am, I am procrastinating again, I’ve had a few months to get stuff done and I’ve only gotten magnets finished. I need to stop putting stuff off and get things done, but finding the energy is not easy. Another issue of mine is actually figuring out what exactly to make and how much of everything since last year I did up pillows, dice bags, etc and I’m lucky if half of it sold. But, I know I will get everything done in time, just gotta stay off of World of Warcraft, since the new expansion I’ve been working on that instead. Convention is a little over 6 weeks away, wish me luck on getting stuff ready in time!!! I know I can’t wait to go, it’s going to be fun and interesting like it was last year!!


RetroGameCon was AMAZING!

7:30am and waiting for RetroGameCon to start!

7:30am and waiting for RetroGameCon to start!

This past Saturday (November 14, 2015) I had the pleasure of being a vendor at RetroGameCon. I was contacted beginning of June 2105 by the assistant director, and asked if I was interested in being a vendor for their convention. Well after a few months I decided to sign up. It took not even a week and my application was approved and then my fun began! I had so much to get done, and yet I still felt like I didn’t have enough items for the convention, I sold pillows, coasters, lanyards, dice bags & magnets.

I worked on stuff all the way up until Friday morning, Friday afternoon we were leaving for Syracuse (where the event was). I decided to get a hotel for the whole weekend this way I was already in the area since I had to be there so early in the morning on Saturday. We got to the hotel around 4ish, unpacked and relaxed for about 30 mins then I was able to head over to the building where the convention was being held to set up a day early. T thought it was awesome he got to go help mommy and daddy set up their table. Friday night, I didn’t get much sleep because I was so anxious and nervous. We got up at about 5:30 am and got ready to head over to the convention. We got there at like 7am and there wasn’t much people there yet setting up, and VIP was expected at 9am.

During the convention I seen so many different cosplay people and some of them were awesome and of course there were a few that made you think, wtf? lol. We had set up a TV and played classic Super Mario Bros. cartoon and it was awesome seeing kids get into watching it and hearing adults walk by saying they remember the show. I think I sold about half of everything I had brought with me. I wasn’t too worried about selling a lot, to me it was all about experience. The people there were so nice and awesome, I kept getting told by several people they loved my stuff.

Needless to say, I am definitely going to vendor next year for RetroGameCon, I learned that I need to definitely give myself more time to get stuff done, instead of waiting til the last minute to finish stuff lol. Some people gave suggestions to what to add next year, I’m looking into getting a banner for the shop. Also learned to bring something with me to work on, cause being there for 12 hours does take a tole on you when you have nothing to do lol. It was such an amazing time, I may have not gotten to walk around checking out other vendors, but I still had fun, it’s something I will never forget and hope to soon do this once again.

Trying to get ready for RetroGameCon!

giphy (1)

I’ve been trying to get stuff made and ready for RetroGameCon and I still don’t think I’ll be ready in time. I have so much more stuff to get made and life I swear just keeps getting in the way. I’ve been sick, T was sick for a while so that put me out of commission for almost a week. I keep questioning myself, “should I be doing this convention?” Of course D keeps telling me I’ll be fine and I’ll get everything done in time. I just gotta stop procrastinating and get back to work, between me and T being sick I’ve just lost all my sewing mojo ­čśŽ I have less than 3 weeks to get everything finished. On November 13, 2015 we head to Syracuse for the convention so I’m already in town for the 14th for convention. So let’s hope fingers crossed I can get everything done in time!

Super excited!!!


So a few months ago I had posted about wanting to be a vendor at a place called RetroGameCon, well guess what….I’m actually going to be a vendor for it this year!

I am beyond excited about being able to be a part of the event. I already put in my application, submitted photos of my work, and got approved. Then I went and paid my vendor fee, so now I am all set on that part. I squealed like a school girl when I got the email that my application was accepted.

The event is being held on November 14, 2015 in Syracuse @ one of the buildings that is located on the NYS fairgrounds property. The place is about 2.5 hours away from me, so I am hoping to get money aside to get a hotel for the weekend, cause I have to be there at like 8am to set up and be ready by 9am for the VIP to have early access.

I have so much stuff to make and get ready and have less that 2 months to complete. I know I can get it done, but I just keep trying to put myself down, why? I don’t know I guess it’s just me. I’m planning on making some pillows, dice bags, magnets and some other stuff. I don’t want to have too much but at the same time have too little. I am nervous and excited about the event coming up. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do and finally get to!

If you’re curious about RetroGameCon click HERE and head over to their site and check it out. It looks like it’s going to be a great time, and so far it looks like I’m going to be a unique vendor. If you do go, come find “KreativeMumma” and check out the geeky inspired items ­čÖé

Have you heard of RetroGameCon?


I’ve never heard of┬áRetroGameCon until June 8th, its a small 1 day event that is a┬áretro video gaming convention in Central New York, its in Syracuse at the NYS fairgrounds and is on November 14th.

Well I was contacted by the assistant director of the event and was asked if I would like to be a vendor at the convention! My heart was racing and I was beyond excited, I’ve never been asked if I wanted to be part of something like this. I thought, how awesome this would be and, that it would be great for my little Etsy shop, help get my name out there. That day I started thinking of new ideas and what all I would make and sell there.

Few days later, I came back to reality, I realized, even tho it is flipping AWESOME to be asked to be part of something like this, I really can’t. I got super bummed about not being able to be part of this. There is just too many things that is causing me not to be able to go and it really sucks.

I don’t drive, so (as funny as it sounds) I would have to have my mom drive me and we live about 2.5-3 hours from Syracuse. I would have to leave that Friday, pay for a hotel for the whole weekend, cause I have to be there at like 7am for set up and stay til like 8pm. So that means my fiance would have to miss a days work, my son will miss a day of school. Plus what would my mother and son do for the 13 hours I’m at the RetroGameCon. It wouldn’t be too bad if my fiance missed a days work and my son missed a day of school, its just coming up with all the money for the hotel and small fee to have a table at the con. It is really heartbreaking not to be able to be a part of something I’ve always wanted to do. If I had family or friends that lived in Syracuse I would be able to do it and save so much money, but sadly no.

Have you ever had the opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but when it came down to figuring out all this especially the money part, it just throws your dream right out the window?