Back to School!


Hard to believe he is starting 3rd grade!! Next year he’ll be going up to the middle school, I’m not ready for that. My baby boy is growing up way too fast, man he needs to slow down.

How was your child’s first day of school?!


Summer Enrichment Program

This summer T was able to attend our schools summer enrichment program. They allowed any child to join but there was a limit amount they could accept, so we got our application in right away, best part was it was all free to the parents.

Each week was a different subject, it was a 4 week program and each week they would attend a field trip based on what the subject was that week. Of course T wanted me to go with him on each trip, which the school encouraged the parents to come along (which most of the trips I was the only parent). It was really fun going on the trips with T, the only part I didn’t like was being cramped on a small bus with like 17 kids lol, but it was still fun and T was so excited when I came along ❤

Week 1: Book Making

This week he learned about the different ways you can make a book. Each day he brought home a different mini book he had made in class. This weeks field trip was to Western New York Book Arts Center in Buffalo, NY. This was a long drive on a bus, over an hour and of course we hit grid lock so that took forever. Once we got there they showed the kids how to use a printing press and stuff. All the kiddos had a blast, T thought it was really cool that him & everyone got to use the old printing press to make a poster they all got to take home.


Week 2: Clay Work (can’t remember actual title)

This week the kids in this group learned different clay work techniques. T brought home a clay magnet & then another type of clay that glows in the dark which was pretty cool. This weeks field trip was to Brushstrokes Studios right here in town, which is literally down the street from us. The kids got to pick one ceramic to paint, and then 2 weeks later was able to bring it home. The kids all had a blast, it was fun seeing all the different colors the kids were painting their ceramics. This was T’s first time to the studio & he had a blast, he’s now hooked on going there lol.


Week 3: Change

This week was learning about history dealing with dinosaurs & science. It was an interesting week hearing all the stuff he had learned. This weeks field trip was to the Buffalo Museum of Science in Buffalo, NY. OMG this place was amazing!! All the kids had fun & I even had a good time, sadly we didn’t have enough time to explore all of the museum but what we did see was amazing. My group of kids was T & 3 of his friends, they were all just having way too much fun. When we got home both me & T told D how much fun it was and that we need to take a trip there again.



Week 4: Teamwork (or something like that lol)

This week the kids learned about working together as a team. This weeks field trip was to a YMCA camp where the kids go to try out the rock climbing wall. I didn’t attend this due to being sick but my mother went instead. T was nervous at first but put on his harness, he started to try the wall but as soon as they lifted him off the ground I guess he freaked out so he didn’t do it, but its okay at least he tried ❤


This summer program was pretty awesome and I am glad my son was able to participate in the program. We’re hoping the have this again next year & he is able to go again.

OMG your 8 years old?!

That’s right, if you’ve been a follower for a few years T has turned 8 years old!! Man does time fly when you have a child. He is growing up way too fast, but I’m one lucky mumma to have him as my son. Yes he can be a handful what kid isn’t but I wouldn’t change anything about him. T is a unique little boy young man and I love that about him, he doesn’t try to be like everyone else ❤

pictures from birth til 8 years old

This year we had a little party at our place, it was family and friends that came to his party. One of our best friends came all the way up from Pennsylvania for the weekend. T was so excited to see who all came to his party and was excited about his cousins being there. It wasn’t a fancy party just a big ol’ get together to celebrate T’s birthday, but it made T’s day, so that’s all that matters. Later in the day we decided to have a little fire and make some s’mores, but by then most of the people already left, but oh well T was still having a good time. I’m just glad his birthday party was a success and that he had a great time on his birthday ❤

Last Day of School

Hard to believe that my son has finished 2nd grade and will be going into 3rd grade next school year. This school year has been a crazy one for us. T’s teacher, boy I couldn’t stand her ass, she kept taking stuff away from T even tho he didn’t do anything, always complaining about him, etc. Of course we couldn’t move him into a different class because our school is already packed since they closed the other elementary school a few years ago, so classrooms are at their max.

Then we dealt with T being bullied in his classroom & on the bus. The bus driver would keep moving his seat & didn’t help with the issues. Then one day he came home & told us about a kid threatening to fight him & that was it, we went right up to the school, made the principal leave a meeting to talk to us. We told her what happened & what has been going on with the classroom & the bus. Needless to say things got better real quick, she talked to his teacher & looked at the camera footage from the bus & got everything taken care of. She also told T to don’t be afraid to go see her if something happens. Apparently he was afraid to get into trouble for going to the principal what’s happening.

Besides from having a few problems, T did really good in school. We are super proud of him & excited that he is moving onto the 3rd grade.

Now T is enjoying summer vacation then in July he starts his summer enrichment program the school is having. Its a 4 week program each week is something different then on that Friday the kids go on a field trip that is related to what they learned that week. This is something new the school is doing and was limited to a certain amount of students & the best part is that it’s a free program!!!

Story-time with Brushstrokes


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Our local library had an event, where a local company called “Brushstrokes” came in read a story to the kids & then the kids got to paint a ceramic lion. I took T to it & he had a blast, I can’t remember the story they read but it was pretty darn cute. T was so excited that he was going to get to paint a lion, but was bumming he couldn’t take it home that day. I had to explain to him, that they had to take it back to the store, put a special glaze on it & put it in a kiln. The lady said that in 1-2 weeks he would be able to get his lion, needless to say about 1.5 weeks later I got the phone call that his lion was available for pick up, along with his friends lions that he went to the event with.

I’m glad I was able to get him signed up for the event, since the last one with Brushstrokes the event was full and didn’t know about it til the day before it. I’m hoping they do another one, because it is a really awesome event and all the kids have a blast.

Bye Bye Cast!!!

So back in September T had fallen at school and broken his arm, boy that’s an experience I do not want to re-live again. Always making sure the arm was covered when he showered, the smell that would come from the cast & how much it hurt when you’d get hit by it. But, of course we’d do it all over again if we had to, but let’s hope we don’t lol.

On November 2, 2016 was an exciting day for T. It was the day his cast was finally coming off, he had it on for about 5 weeks and his bones healed up great!! I personally have never seen a cast be taken off & obviously neither has T, so when it came to time it was pretty awesome. The doctor showed that it wouldn’t hurt, he turned on the machine & put the blade on his hand & showed it didn’t cut, so T was okay with it. It took maybe 2 mins to get the cast to come off. T got all excited that it was off, but said it felt weird & light, mainly because he didn’t have the heavy cast on anymore. Some how he managed to get a corn kernel in his cast, because when the cast came off there was a piece of corn, doctor got a good laugh out of it.

It took about 1-2 days for T to get re-adjusted to not having his cast on, but once he got better he was back to his normal dare devil self. We asked T if he learned his lesson & if he’s planning on doing it again & he said he won’t be doing it ever again because he don’t want another cast.

Happy Halloween!!

T as Capitan America

Halloween this year was a lot of fun, at first didn’t think D was going to be able to go due to work but he decided to call off 🙂 

Group photo

A friend of ours who is like a sister & her son came over then we went out trick-or-treating. We only hit a few streets but the boys did get a decent amount of candy. Of course this being western new york, it was cold when we started & kept getting colder. 

My aunt & grams passing out candy @ my grams place

Later after our friend & son went home T wanted to watch “Spookley the Square Pumpkin”. Trent had a good time except at one house, the lady was a bit older & took forever passing out candy. So the kids had to wait & wait, once it was their turn the lady asked T if he was banging his bucket on the stairs railing, he said yes & she said well you don’t get any candy. Seriously?! These kids are waiting forever & just being kids & you’re going to do that? Poor T he ran to us crying, he’s just bad & can’t have candy. Of course other parents are looking at us giving us looks, like really people, it was bullshit, but whatever we left bitching & D was highly pissed off. It took a while before T was calmed down & back to himself, it really bothered him. Needless to at we know where to not go next year. Atleast he was able to finish his Halloween on a good note with chicken nuggets & a movie 🙂

We hope you all had a fun/safe Halloween. Have you ever had a problem like we did this year?!