Who is T?

20140726_145659T is our beautiful son. He was born July 2009. T has changed our lives so much. T comes before anything. When he was born he was 7lbs 3oz 21.5in via c-section. He was actually turned from c-section to and emergency c-section as for my water had broken and he had a bowel movement at the same time. I call T our miracle boy as for I was told I would never have kids. I am thankful everyday for this blessing and hopefully soon we can give T a brother or a sister. T is a typical toddler who is a ball full of energy. T’s nickname is Ironman as for he has to have surgery May 2010 as for he was born with a hernia and undecended testicle. He was a real trooper with it!! T also reminds us a lot of Curious George, he is so curious with everything around him and its so cute. This little boy makes everyone smile even on your baddest day. He is also a little ladies man already. We got our hands full with this one lol. We love T very much!!


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